Global optimization using interval analysis

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As a result, to determine our optimal path we would want to use simulation - optimization to first understand the range of potential times it could take to go from one point to another represented by a probability distribution in this case rather than a specific distance and then optimize our travel decisions to identify the best path to follow taking that uncertainty into account.

Stochastic tunneling STUN is an approach to global optimization based on the Monte Carlo method - sampling of the function to be objectively minimized in which the function is nonlinearly transformed to allow for easier tunneling among regions containing function minima. Easier tunneling allows for faster exploration of sample space and faster convergence to a good solution.

Parallel tempering , also known as replica exchange MCMC sampling , is a simulation method aimed at improving the dynamic properties of Monte Carlo method simulations of physical systems, and of Markov chain Monte Carlo MCMC sampling methods more generally. The replica exchange method was originally devised by Swendsen, [2] then extended by Geyer [3] and later developed, among others, by Giorgio Parisi. Essentially, one runs N copies of the system, randomly initialized, at different temperatures.

Then, based on the Metropolis criterion one exchanges configurations at different temperatures. The idea of this method is to make configurations at high temperatures available to the simulations at low temperatures and vice versa. This results in a very robust ensemble which is able to sample both low and high energy configurations.

In this way, thermodynamical properties such as the specific heat, which is in general not well computed in the canonical ensemble, can be computed with great precision. Other approaches include heuristic strategies to search the search space in a more or less intelligent way, including:. For general considerations on the dimensionality of the domain of definition of the objective function:.

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    Global Optimization Using Interval Analysis (Pure & Applied Mathematics)

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    Global optimization using interval analysis.

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    Global optimization using interval analysis — the multi-dimensional case

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