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While retaining the clarity and visual approach of the earlier editions, this sixth edition of Architectural Graphics is unique in its use of digital media to convey and clarify the essential principles of graphic communication.

Architectural Graphics / Edition 6

Advances in computer technology have significantly altered the process of architectural drawing and design. Current graphics applications range from 2D drawing programs to 3D modelers and Building Information Modeling BIM software that aid in the design and representation of buildings, from small houses to large and complex structures.

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It is therefore important to acknowledge the unique opportunities and challenges digital tools offer in the production of architectural graphics. Whether a drawing is executed by hand or developed with the aid of a computer, however, the standards and judgments governing the effective communication of design ideas in architecture remain the same. The overall chapter organization remains the same as in the fifth edition.

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Chapters 1 and 2 introduce the essential tools and techniques of drawing and drafting. While digital tools can augment traditional techniques, the tactile, kinesthetic process of crafting lines on a sheet of paper with a pen or pencil remains the most sensible medium for learning the graphic language of drawing. Chapters 4 through 6 then focus on the principles and standards governing the conventions and uses of each of the three drawing systems, concepts that apply whether an architectural graphic is created manually or digitally.

The language of architectural graphics relies on the power of a composition of lines to convey the illusion of a three-dimensional construction or spatial environment on a two-dimensional surface, be it a sheet of paper or a computer screen. While digital technology may have altered the way we input information and create perspective, paraline, and orthographic projections, a fundamental understanding of what each of the three drawing systems conveys is required of all designers.

Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction

Each drawing system provides a limited view of what we are designing and representing. Special thanks go to Nan-Ching Tai, who offered his invaluable expertise and assistance in preparing the examples of digital lighting.

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Francis D. Ching clearly presents the complexity of architectural concepts in an intuitive graphic manner that benefits professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike. CHING is one of the leading authorities on architectural design drawing around the world. His numerous bestselling works have been translated into over seventeen languages and are regarded as classics for their renowned graphic presentation. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Wiley, More information about this seller Contact this seller.


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Seller Inventory AAC Items related to Architectural Graphics. Architectural Graphics. Publisher: Wiley , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources Architectural Graphics is the classic bestselling reference by one of the leading global authorities on architectural design drawing, Francis D. Understand multiview, paraline, and perspective drawing Master interior sections using a variety of techniques Render tonal value, enhance depth, and convey illumination Develop professional-quality layouts for presentations Architectural graphics both inform the design process and serve as the means by which a design is interpreted and built.

The Sixth Edition includes: Fully updated chapter on Freehand Drawing highlighting on site drawing techniques, including drawing from observation, drawing subjects, and composition Added information on orthographic projection in relation to 3D models Examples of modern furniture and contemporary presentation layouts Revised explanations of line weights, dimensioning, and perspective drawing Hundreds of drawings in the signature style of Francis D.