DNA Collection of Short Stories (Revenge in Ink)

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Home by Rhonnie Fordham Short, Horror - Late at night, a recently-widowed woman hears screams coming from her attic. Limited location. Home Security by Glenn Doyle writing as Boris Karloff Short, Horror - After shooting the home owner during a burglary, two thieves must decide whether or not to finish the job. Hometime by JD Long Short, Horror - A girl breaks curfew and decides to take a short cut through a quarantined street. Honest Fear by Chad Murtaugh yosemitesam Short, Horror - Sometimes people are just crazy, and they do bad things as a result.

Outside is a man waring a hoodie. Hook, The by Tomius J. Barnard Short, Horror - Two teenagers get more than they bargained for when they break into a house searching for a mysterious artefact… 8 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Hooker by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - One-location script about an aggressive young man who confronts a prostitute while they are parked in his car in a rural area. A variation on the popular urban legend "The Hook. Soon she finds out the cat has come to keep her from dying. The Horrors of Babysitting by Brandon Batista ectoplasm Short, Horror - When slacker babysitter Abby gets stuck looking after six year old Valerie, she realizes just how much babysitting bites.

Twist ending, limited location. House of Malvado by Stephen Wells steveuk Short, Horror - Three teens visit an old abandoned house in search of ghosts. Are the stories of the blind specter 'Eleanor Malvado' true, or is someone playing tricks? The House With Wi-Fi by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - A couple who park in the yard of an abandoned house to use the house's mysterious wi-fi connection, see a ghost-like old woman through one of the house's windows.

But housekeeping just won't leave her alone. And neither will her dead husband. Based on Monsters Under the Bed pdf - Discuss this script. Humanity Speaks by Raphael Howard Short, Horror - The human race is being put on trial, and the only person who can save mankind is a mute girl. G pdf - Discuss this script. A Hundred Midnights by Henry Christner Stumpzian writing as Short, Horror, Drama - A primitive church says farewell to a man who killed his wife and blinded his daughter.

Hunter by Toran Short, Horror - A group of friends are captured by a killer. He releases them into the woods and hunts them down. Instead they decide to make anonymous prank phone calls that lead to murderous consequences. Where everyone is dying to sample his latest sinister treats. Perkins Short, Horror - Ron Peeples is in a terrible car accident. Texting while driving is never a good idea.

He has a horrific nightmare where he dies and goes to hell. Fortunately, he wakes up in a hospital bed with his tearful wife clutching his hand. He is relieved it was only a dream. Or was it? A husband and wife, still grieving from the death of their daughter, have a moral dilemma. What to do with the young man they have chained up in the barn… 12 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Ill Conceived by Libby Chambers writing as Haley Rylms Short, Horror - A renowned geneticist devises a plan to reunite her family following a tragic accident.

Immortal Enmity - 1st Draft by Dan Campisi Short, Horror, Monster Horror - A monster seeks revenge against the man who accidentally imprisoned it years ago when he was a child. Impropriety by Dustin Bowcott Dustin Short, Horror - A deaf, dumb and blind man, reveals his true motivations to a nurse on Halloween night. In the Dead of Night by Stephen J. Davis Short, Horror - They were working late in an office when the world ended.

Society was breaking down outside their walls. Parker Short, Horror, Family - A young boy must overcome his childhood phobia or remain paralyzed by fear and be doomed to watch basketball forever. Based on Itsy Bitsy Spider pdf - Discuss this script. The Ineffable Contentment by Ben Morales Short, Horror - Right after deciding to not kill his newest victim, a conflicted serial killer has an ambiguous conversation his unknowing victim about his dark motives and origins.

It's dialogue driven and with only 2 settings and 2 actors, it is very shootable. The Infant by Deirdre Adams ramona flowers Short, Horror - A young woman believes that her child is evil and attempts to murder her. While those close to her believe the young mother to be insane, a significant chain of events lead to the possibilty that the child is not as innocent as she appears to be. Infatuation by Michael K. Snyder Short, Horror - After Hal's wife disappears, he receives sympathy from friends and family. Soon we learn, that Hal is hiding the secret of his wife's disappearance.

Innocence Condemned by Dena McKinnon pale yellow Short, Horror, Gothic - During the dark times of Christianity, a young woman finds herself accused of witch craft, haunted by a disfigured spirit, and destined for persecution. During her trials and torment, she discovers that death may not be the only punishment that lies ahead. The Interrogation by Jeremy S. However, it turns out that he isn't the worst thing in the house and by the time morning comes no one may be alive to see it. Invasion by Joe Garza Short, Horror, Young Adult - Two kids out trick-or-treating start running into dead people and then they run into things making the dead bodies.

They have to fight their way home by themselves because no one believes them. One-location, limited cast. Is Anyone Home? A light shines in the distance.. Isle Of The Dead by Renee Joynson Short, Horror - When an internet blogger is persuaded by her boyfriend and crew to investigate an urban legend, about a cursed island off shore, she will be forced to fight for her life as they all unwilling become part of the legend until the curse on the island is broken. Jabersnatch by Philip Martin Short, Horror - A young aspiring actress auditions for a role with a big-player producer only to find the role in question is not what she thought it was.

It is gory, action and horror. It is even has a major celebrity. Je Me Sais Pas, Cozco by Dexter B Short, Horror - After having his money stolen, a high schooler finds solace in an idiopathic Frenchman from another world who may or may not be a hitman. Jeremiad by Christopher Reid Takeshi Short, Horror - Jeremie enters a mysterious mansion and discovers that he has the ability to walk on air.

As he explores the mansion, strange music begins to play and he's determined to find out where it's coming from. Joe by Warren Duncan Short, Horror, Found Footage - Two amateur documentary film makers get more than they paid for when they interview Joe, a homeless man who lives in the woods. John Doe by Lee Cordner Short, Horror - While working a late night autopsy, a Mortician receives a phone call from a man seeking revenge for something he did a lifetime ago. Jon's Clambake by T. Joseph Fraser Blakkwolfe Short, Horror - A wanna-be ghost hunter wants to impress a girl with paranormal photographs.

Julian Grey by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Duston Bowcott Short, Horror - After placing an ad in a lonely hearts column, a gay man receives a visit from an African who has misread the intention. Or isn't she alone? Who are these other girls? And wherefrom comes this noise? Is this all just a dream? With only a strange man to keep him company and even stranger things happening outside. NC17 pdf - Discuss this script. But unbeknownst to his pregnant wife, Caroline, Joe is a mentally unstable serial killer. Ken by Darren J Seeley writing as Matt Tell Short, Horror - An obsessive medical student conducts an experiment that will win her ex-boyfriend back even after death.

A Killer Deal by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - One-location script about a father and son who are shown an old house by a mysterious real-estate agent. A Killer In The Woods by John Cowdell Short, Horror - A weekend of camping in the idyllic English countryside turns into a nightmare as an axe wielding psychopath stalks a young couple.

Killer Weed by Steven Clark StevenClark writing as Darryl Burpee Short, Horror, Action - Jerome's about to make a trade with some dubious characters, but that's nothing compared to what's waiting for him at home.

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Based on Jack and The Beanstalk pdf - Discuss this script. The Killers by Andrew Cloke Short, Horror - A man visits a Psychiatrist believing himself to be in mortal danger from the rest of the human race. Killing Albert Einstein by Tim Ratcliffe trojan Short, Horror - A young couple experience a night they'll never remember when summoned by an eccentric genius to an old, abandoned house. They don't suspect real monsters are within.

Short, Horror - Plauged with a laundry list of task, Dylan Yaegle will make his final pledge tonight But he might not make it out alive. Knock by Beato R. Bongco RobbCogaEton Short, Horror - A man haunted by the ghosts of his past seeks redemption when an old folktale becomes a reality for him. Kosher by Cameron Dueker Short, Horror - A late night pit stop for a young couple turns deadly at a local deli when the kitchen runs outs of pastrami.

Kosher - 1st Draft by Cameron Dueker Short, Horror, Cannibal Horror - Kosher - A late night pit stop for a young couple turns deadly at a local deli when the kitchen runs outs of pastrami. Lactose Intolerance by Tyler Higgins Short, Horror - Peer pressure is just terrible, especially when it is used to pressure the younger generation to do or consume thing that they don't want to do, that they know is not healthy for them.

But milk is healthy, after all, it makes you nice and strong. Last Milk Story, The by Brion Sinor darthbrion Short, Horror - A dark night, a scary story told to pass time and the reoccurring theme of milk makes for one Hell of an evening. The Last Stop by Rene Claveau renec Short, Horror, Gothic - When William gets separated from his new bride at a traveling circus, he finds all is not as it seems while trying to find her.

Left To Die. Based on A Leprechaun Story pdf - Discuss this script. Lester by Ami McCuaig Short, Horror - Lester is a little strange, he wants to succesfully grow the longest tapeworm in a human body. With no friends that's hard, guess that's what victums are for! Will he find his way out or be lead down the wrong path? The Light at the End of the Tunnel by Sean Elwood Zombie Sean Short, Horror - Rumor has it that at the end of this tunnel there will appear ghostly lights from a car accident that occurred two decades ago.

When three teens attempt to prove the rumor true, they get more than they bargained for when something far more horrifying than a ghost story greets them on the other side. A brilliant detective is her only hope to survive. The Lonely Tenant by James Williams jwent Short, Horror, Gothic - A woman rents the first renovated apartment in an old building, but she soon finds she's not the only one there. The Lost Ghost by Gregory J. Baldwin Greg Short, Horror, Gothic - They say a dog is a man's best friend, but how far would someone go to be with their canine companion?

Love Bites by Steven Wood Short, Horror - Jacob's girlfriend is locked in the bedroom of his apartment and isn't responding. With the help of his friend Ammon, they get her out. Love Zombies by John Barrett Short, Horror - An experiment to create the next generation erectile dysfunction drug goes awry and zombies run rampant. A perfectly innocent moment until it's not. A vital part in our lives. But one day, something goes wrong, and inside every carton of milk is occupied by a tiny monster that transforms into a Hellish demon when inside the human body.

Maayam by B. Gopala Krishnan Short, Horror - 7 guys while playing cricket, by mistakenly they will hit the ball inside a house. The incidents that happens in the house will take place half of the script. At last It was all a dream. But the dreamed boy when he comes out of his house, they really hit the ball inside. They soon find out why. Making Miles by Des Nnochiri Short, Horror - A frustrated alchemist's attempt to make the perfect man takes a nasty turn, when her creature develops a dangerous will of its own.

Man at the Window, The by Toran Short, Horror - A couple who are vacationing in a Cabin are tortured by a supernatural creature that peers in the window. The Man Behind The Curtain by Mark Renshaw Short, Horror - A child is haunted by a mysterious man behind a curtain who no-one else can see; a shadowy figure who wants to destroy his childhood by bombarding him with horrific subliminal images. Manikin by Gary Manson Short, Horror - Rick's dreams come true when the soul of his dead brother inhabits a havoc wreaking manikin.

The Mannequin by Gabriel Moronta mr. Marguerite by John P. Dowgin Short, Horror - An aging opera diva with a dark secret takes extreme measures to fend off a vibrant young rival and rescue her career. Mark of the Fiend by Mike Shelton Short, Horror, Young Adult - When strange, red X's start appearing on various windows throughout the neighborhood, the adults chalk it up as good ol' fashioned Halloween vandalism, but Jeremy and Mitch know better. There's something out there. E Freak and The Goose. They tell the tales of mad cows, murderous siamese twins, mad horny robots and more. Put together in the cheesiest fashion possible.

A family of three have to fend for themselfs after these monsters turn their attentions to them. Miguel's father did! Milk's Killer, The by Helio J Cordeiro Short, Horror - In the ancient Egypt milk meant to the Egyptians youth and beauty, the cat was a god, but for a criminal mind milk and cats mean vengeance. A secret that won't be ignored. But she don't mean no harm - if you don't do no harm.

Model's Wanted by Simon Parker Short, Horror - A beautiful model becomes trapped in a warehouse where she finds an underworld gang who plaster cast beautiful girls, hands, arms, legs and feet. Chop them off and sell them as high end mannequin part to the the worlds most expensive fashion stores. Monster Spray by Erick Hoffman writing as Ernest William Short, Horror - A little girl wants to know the secrets of a spray her mother uses to keep monsters away. Snyder msnyder Short, Horror - The story of a man who lives daily as a suave ladykiller, and moonlights as something much darker.

Mother by Michel J. Duthin Short, Horror - A boy's best friend is his mother. But after their vehicle crashes in the woods, She must do what she can to ensure her son's survival. A Mother's Burden by Chris Keaton Short, Horror, Demon - A police officer responding to a noise complaint discovers the disturbing fate of a woman dealing with a demon. He's trying to move on with his life, but his 6 year old daughter has other ideas Inspired by Chris Morris 18 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

Goodbye,a man with a mysterious and horrific ability that allows spirits to have there final goodbye's or their vengeance. Longsleeves by Michael Rogers Short, Horror - When a single mother believes her family is being hunted, she takes her daughter and elderly mother on the run. But no one can run from the evil that hides inside. Chambers Short, Horror - Some holidays are more difficult than others - especially when taking a trip with Mr. Nasty R pdf - Discuss this script. And in her room, a closet that makes noise at night.

The question is 'what's in that closet? A Mummy's Search by Dexter B writing as Helen Grosvenor Short, Horror - After being awakened in the midst of a massacre, a mummy must search for his dearly beloved to save the world from complete and utter chaos. My Dear Loo by Helio J. Corderio Short, Horror - A cleaner of a public toilet is tormented by a nasty guy that no pays respect for anyone until the day when he decides to use the public toilet's loo and so the payback succeeds.

My Love by Harley Wolfe Jr. Hugh Hoyland Short, Horror, Gothic - A grief stricken lover makes a deal with the devil in hopes of being reunited with his lost love. Short, Horror - The parents of a young girl suffering from night terrors, arrange a sleep over; but at what cost? Nathan Green by Marnie Mitchell-Lister Short, Horror - When a woman struggling to deal with her recent separation buys a jacket from a thrift store, she inadvertently lets another bad man into her life. Neck of the Woods by Gary abe from la Short, Horror - Two university students transport a crate of artifacts through a forest.

But on this night, the serial killer on the loose is not the worst nightmare. The Necro File by Jayden Simon writing as Dunkin Ho Nuts Short, Horror, Erotic Horror - A sexually inexperienced assistant to the coroner becomes stuck on an elevator with the corpse of a beautiful young woman and, well, first love is never easy, is it?

What lengths will they go to protecting perfection? New Order by R. He only wanted to eat breakfast and finish his book. At first it seems harmless. But it ain't gonna stay that way. Newspaper Route by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - While doing a newspaper route late at night, a young married couple are stalked by a mysterious car. Next Stop, Salvation by Warren Duncan Short, Horror - A supply run turns deadly for a group of commuters when they encounter a monstrous storm. It is in the process of being made into a 60 min short film at the college i go to.

IT's about some friends who take a night class at there local college and they get locked into the school with a clown masked convict whose weapon of choice are number 2 pencils. It all starts pleasant enough, however his excursion takes a harrowing turn when the sun goes down. Night of the Damned by Gary abe from la Short, Horror - Father and daughter outlaws rob the wrong country store.

Night of the Skullmen by Mykle Van Hausen mvh Short, Horror, Young Adult - Jeremy and Sherridan fight to survive and warn their friends of costumed men quietly spreading horror through their small town on Halloween night. A Night of Violence by Steven Wood Short, Horror, Western - Every summer, residents of this small town must endure 12 hours of vengeful cowboys that strive to retake what's theirs.

It's a party that no one will ever forget. Based on Snow White pdf - Discuss this script. Not My Son by Glenn Doyle Short, Horror - After the death of her husband, a mother is convinced her son has been replaced after an accident leaves him paralysed. Obscure by Gabriel Moronta Mr. Ripley Short, Horror - After watching a scary movie, 9 year old Jessica must safely make it to her parent's bedroom in order to sleep.

The only obstacle in her path is the darkness. Newcomer bert Short, Horror - Not every holiday tradition is Old Shuck by Martin Lancaster Dr. Mabuse Short, Horror, Gothic - A young doctor sets up practice in a remote English village, a place steeped in myth and legend. The locals live in fear of an ancient and deadly curse, the curse of the spectre hound. Short, Horror, Light - Wanna catch something big?

Choose the right bait. Enjoy your lunch, if possible. Much more. One Stormy Night by Matt Layden the usual suspect Short, Horror - Frank and Daniel hide out in an abandoned house preparing to leave a town they scammed when a little girl pays them a visit. Redwinter's intentions towards Drayton's fiancee, Melinda Hartwell, may be less than honorable and the stuff of nightmares.

Good or Bad. Operation: Sleepwalker by Matthew Dick Short, Horror - On Halloween, a young man going through withdrawal witnesses beings that can't be seen mingling among the Trick-or-Treaters and killing them one at a time. Feargood MarkRenshaw Short, Horror - A university student working on a thesis about fear, stumbles across a technique for identifying dangerous individuals. Her latest experiment takes a lethal twist when it becomes apparent her work is gaining the wrong type of attention.

Other by Sam Klien Short, Horror - A serial killer, bored with his victims generic pleas, meets an unlikely match 8 pages pdf - Discuss this script. The Other White Meat - Episode 1 by John Hunter Short, Horror - With no hope of re-supply reaching them in time, two scientists on a remote frozen rock in outer space face imminent starvation -- or worse. Unfortunately, God has little to do with this house of worship. Kinsella scartissuefilms Short, Horror, Gothic - When an amateur Theologian goes in search of an ancient archaelogical site, little does he know he will stumbling onto a dangerous secret that spans Space and Time… 12 pages, unrated thus far pdf - Discuss this script.

Out of Order by Luke Walker Short, Horror - While watching a movie at a multiplex cinema, some fat middle-aged guy regrettably learns that just because you're sorry doesn't necessarily mean you'll be forgiven. The Painting by Oksana Shafetova Short, Horror - The teenage girl comes under danger when challenges herself to believe in the imaginary friend of her sister. Palm Cove - Tropical Paradise by Leon Gaitanis Short, Horror - Two couples on holiday in the tropics, find out that being bitten by the local spiders, turns you into a zombie!

Paranormal Rise by Prateek Sachdeva Short, Horror - On a dark and rainy night, three people get locked inside an old house. This story chronicles the terrifying events they witness. The Party House by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - A teenage boy and girl trespass into an abandoned house and meet a mysterious young woman who claims to live there with her grandfather. Pastor by Logan McDonald Short, Horror - A priest preforms an exorcism on a zombie, believing it is possessed by the devil.

Watson sandra elstree Short, Horror, Gothic - When a poor boy replaces his dreams with forbidden knowledge, he dreams the most expensive dream of all. When she fights back, she finds he's not exactly human. Pediophobia by Vicky Neal writing as Anonymous1 Vickyn Short, Horror - A man with a phobia of dolls fights for his life when his dead grandmother leaves her most prized possession to him. Later on he is sent photos of the chick's murdered body from her phone.

The Phantom's Song by Richard D. Phasmos by Renee Joynson writing as Anonymous11 bflywings Short, Horror - A girl who visits her past for a cure to her fears, may not realize that is not the reason she is really there. Photo Booth by Ajay Sakarwal Short, Horror - This is a really short horror story that can knock you mental equilibrium 2 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

He experiences a series of violent flash backs as to how he has reached his present condition, becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of interest from passing cars. Pick-Up by Brian Lewis Short, Horror - Stranded on a desolate country road, Julie is forced to call her recent ex for a late night ride.

However, the couple's bickering is quickly cut short by an unseen creature who will stop at nothing to get inside. Pictures: A Campfire Story by Kyle Paquet Eomir Short, Horror, Thriller - A Boy, singled out and outcast for his morbid ability to draw monsters, has lived a lonely life, and has only two friends; outcasts like himself. One day he finds a Pen in a park. Little does he know that this pen has magic abilities, and whatever is drawn with it becomes reality. When the Boy uses the Pen to draw one of his monsters, he and his friends are in serious danger Based on The Adventures of Pinoccio pdf - Discuss this script.

Pins and Needles by Ryan Lee ryan1 Short, Horror - Desperate to save his afflicted wife, a tailor decides on a drastic last resort. A Place of Whispers by Mark Newton Short, Horror, Psychological Horror - On Halloween night, a sons attempt to play a practical joke on his mother and her friend doesn't quite turn out as planned. Placebo by Martin Lancaster Short, Horror - In the wake of a clinical trial gone wrong, two members of the control group find themselves fighting for their lives. Upon arival, one of the friends finds out that a blizzard is coming. People are going missing and changing into carnivorous creatures with hunger for flesh and blood.

Now as the group gets smaller and smaller, they try to fight back and make it past the blizzard. Platform 3 page : Waiting for the last tram and frightened to be late home, Caitlin turns away from a strange girl who asks for help. What connects their fear, and will either make it home safe?

Corner 4 page : What makes the HIV support group turn their back on new member Wendell — because they don't believe his story, or because they do? Playing the Part by Rhonnie Fordham Short, Horror - Late at night, a young tourist suspects a grotesque human statue's stalking her. Please, Harry by Nathan Harper-Wendt Short, Horror - After a storm begins a teenage boy and his sister are taken in by a kind stranger.

Poetry Corner by Anthony Cawood writing as: Don "The Matador" Everest Short, Horror - Four school friends dare each other to take on an urban legend and prove that there's nothing to be scared of Pond Life by Anthony Cawood writing as Harry Essex Short, Horror - Rumours of a strange creature entice two young friends to explore the distant woodlands and the pond deep within.

Porn of the Dead by Daniel Fletcher Short, Horror - A man living in an underground complex during the Zombie apocolypse collects scraps of pornography. His world is changed when some pictures of a different nature come into his possession. Or tell us?

Scarefest episode 3 - Premonitions by Robert Skotte sniper Short, Horror - A clairvoyant woman, battling inner demons, take matters into her own hands to save a fellow woman from a brutal slaying. However, her prescient powers forgot to tell her that every destiny has its victims. They're screwed. All of them. Prey by Bill Houser Ouraboros Short, Horror - A geeky teen boy has an unfortunate run in with a girl that's a bit more than he had ever expected.

Prey For Us by Luke Mepham Short, Horror - With the Earth wiping itself of evil, 6 people are waiting it out in the ground floor of apartments with an out of order lift. Why are they there? Who has brought them together? The Price by Bill Sarre Reef Dreamer Short, Horror - A desperate woman struggles with the high price of the one thing she wants most - her dead son brought to life.

NC 17 pdf - Discuss this script. Prom Night by Kirsten James hosted by Simply Scripts Short, Horror - Prom night ends before it even begins for a high school senior and her new boyfriend. They all go for a little death ride in her newly acquired walking house. Puncture Wounds by Tim Wolfe Short, Horror - Events spiral out of control as a young man is interrogated for a grisly murder. Puta Grasa by Dustin Bowcott writing as Gaston Leroux Short, Horror - With the help of a mysterious stranger, an unattractive, homosexual strip joint janitor overcomes stiff employment odds and prejudices regarding his right to dance at the club.

Rachael by Gabriel Moronta mr. A Radical Design by Patrick King Short, Horror - After his girlfriend claims to have seen God, Lenny has a terrifying vision that leaves him trapped in a prison of his own creation. Rage by Nick Ramirez Short, Horror - A man visits a hospital to find out the local flu virus outbreak is something much worse. The Red Center by Praneel Nand Short, Horror, Psychological Horror - Trapped in a strange place with inexplicable happenings, a young couple must navigate their cryptic surroundings to uncover a truth, or be held by them.

The Reflection by Oksana Shafetova Short, Horror - In the mirror reflection April notices a creepy shadow behind her, but the room is empty. Refuge by Brion Sinor darthbrion Short, Horror - When an ordinary day becomes a nightmare, one family decides to try and find shelter in their basement. Remee by Richard Russell Short, Horror - A young boy tries to determine who is more important-mom or dad-with the help of a clown. One officer discovers something far more sinister has taken place. Render Stillskin by kevin lenihan leitskev writing as Big Bad Wolf Short, Horror, Urban Gothic - A handicapped girl, desperate for cash to help her junkie mother, signs a deal with a strange creature which she will soon regret.

Based on Rumplestillskin pdf - Discuss this script. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine by Gabriel Moronta mr. They recieve more than what they were bargaining for. Retired by Warren Duncan Short, Horror - Retirement can't come soon enough for a dirty cop who's made one too many bad choices. Revenant Stand by Ray ray w Short, Horror, Gothic - Two men are caught up in a haunting life-ending drama within an ages old forest clearing. Ricky by Michael J. Kospiah Short, Horror - A woman protects her daughter from three men terrorizing their home.

The Riding Hoods' Creed by P. Cook writing as Lycan Thrope Short, Horror - A troubled young girl, desperate for attention, enters a biker bar and gets a night full of horror. Risen Evil by D.

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Stewart Short, Horror - Lonely road leads the terror… 13 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Rolling Darkness by Chris von Hoffmann Short, Horror - A suburban housewife pulls off a one time drug deal with her deadbeat husband, then kills him and runs off with the money where she is stalked by a sadistic hitchhiking mental patient who escaped from the ward. Room To Spare by Rhonnie Fordham Short, Horror - One-location script involving a ghost tour going through the abandoned house of a notorious serial killer.

Soon, the audience begins to realize their guide may be the reportedly-still-at-large murderer. Rose by Luke Walker Short, Horror - While driving to the hospital, an expectant couple pull over to help a stranger. She notices a falling star and makes a wish. By the end of the night she'll be wishing something different.

But, he'll have to get past two slave catchers, and his dashing, yet vicious overseer, Remy Jourdaine, to reach his freedom. The Rust Garden by Steve Miles Short, Horror, Thriller - A forensic archaeologist finds her ideals tested when she discovers the horrors of the recent past are far from dead and buried. Frankenstein by Dena McKinnon writing as Mary Godwin Short, Horror - When a woman enlists in a medical trial, she finds herself a disposable test subject. The Sacrifice by Liam Treacy Short, Horror - A young girl must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to please the one she loves.

Safe by Harold Lucas Short, Horror - A young woman starts to receive cryptic messages from a stranger that eventually leads her to a horrifying discovery. Saliva by Kyle Bowler Kyle writing as: Milton Mamet Short, Horror - A young women finds out that she may have shared the first night in her new house with a complete stranger.

Salvage by Robert G. But then there was the midnight delivery of that wrecked convertible. That one was different. Sanitarium by Cindy L. Keller Short, Horror - An orderly tries to make life bearable to a young woman who is lost in Hell. Satanas by Jordan Wiebe theboywhocouldfly Short, Horror, Gothic - On a dark and stormy night, the Devil will come out to play, or at least try to.

Satan's Freezer by A. Geraghty Short, Horror - Satan's freezer murders three women on a cold winter day. Satan's Secret Surprise by Greg Baldwin greg Short, Horror - A young possessed couple turns to sacrificial Satanism to rid themselves of their inner demons. Satan's Slave by David Black Short, Horror - A curious teenager discovers the devastating consequences of playing a notorious video game. Savor by Fechete Paul Cristian Short, Horror - An eccentric chef with a God complex finds out the recipe for life itself but pays a terrible price for it.

Scaredy-Cat by Matt Thompson Dark Shape hosted by Scaredy-Cat Short, Horror, Comedy - As a madman chases a nubile teen through an empty house, a dedicated feline waits for the perfect jump scare opportunity. Scarefest 2 - Ghoulish Goulash by James McClung Short, Horror - A caterer finds more than he bargained for when he accepts an aristocrat's offer to prepare the morbid main course of an upcoming dinner party. Scarefest 2 - Home Malone by Shawn D. Kelley shownkjr Short, Horror - Home alone, a girl wonders if she's in any real danger or if she's just paranoid after accidentally watching a Horror movie.

Is there some crazy person in the house? Or is this just her imagination? Can he keep them in check to save his young family? Scarefest 2 - The Clown by Malcolm Bowman scoob Short, Horror - When a couple move into their dream house and the husband is forced to work extra hours, Laura Jackson finds comfort in a sinister doll that is eager to have it's evil intentions released.

Scarefest episode 2 - New Message by Sean Elwood Zombie Sean Short, Horror - Jenna begins to begins to receive strange messages that seem to be counting down to something,… but what? Unfortunately they order far more than they can eat.

Complete Stories, by Rudy Rucker

Scarefest episode 5 - Sanctus Secretus by T. Joseph Fraser Blakkewolf Short, Horror - A man tries to provide closure for a tormented spirit in a haunted house. Scarefest episode 6 - Blood Drive by Gary Murphy Short, Horror - When a young couple are involved in a car crash they think the arrival of the paramedics is the end of their nightmare, in fact it is just the beginning. The city's vampires are watching, and when the opportunity arises to strike they take it. Blood is the prize, keeping it is the game. Scars by Shawn Anderson sanderson Short, Horror - A boy in a wheelchair offers a man money to carry him to the attic of a supposedly haunted abandoned house, but they are both more than they seem.

School Play, The by Gabriel Moronta mr. School Spirit by Michael Alexopoulos myersfan Short, Horror - Heather King's grandfather has died and now she has to move in with her mother. Heather attends a new school where a history project causes her to discover a dark secret about the Evil spirit haunting the school and her deceased grandfather.

Just as the dust is about to settle, she undergoes a transformation. Horror, 11 pages, pdf pdf - Discuss this script. Scurry by Kirsten James Short, Horror - A young girl is terrorized by a strange creature in her room while her parents discuss their involvement with the occult. The Sea Graves by Rhonnie Fordham Short, Horror - One-location script about a horrific mix-up that occurs once a hitman follows his two targets to a local beach in the middle of the night. Secrets by Brian Lewis Short, Horror - Two social rivals meet up for a drink, but the night soon takes a dark turn.

Sectioned by Gary Rowlands rolo Short, Horror - A vulnerable young mother must overcome a deranged midwife hellbent on her destruction if she is to set eyes on her newborn baby. Sense by Keith Devlin Short, Horror - A bailiff enters the home of an apparently comatose debtor with a desire to exit his house with a levy on his goods.

Soon his want shifts to simply exiting the the house at all. A supernatural horror that asks what it means to be alive. Stays up at night while she brings home dinner. Hunts those who want to put a stake through her heart. It's his job, and he's a professional Servant to a vampire.

Seven for a Secret by Brad Huffman-Parent bradhp Short, Horror - A young girl returns home to take brutal revenge on her abusive parents. The Sexecutioner by Roland S. Rolandabc Short, Horror, Comedy - A promiscuous teenager is possessed by the ghost of a serial killer who takes control whenever the teenager gets horny. The Shadow People by Luke Mepham Short, Horror - A newly married couple move to a seaside town and encounter the strange neighbours who keep warning them of the dreaded shadow people Are they real?

The only way out for him is Gamprolin. At first, the drug seems to work, blocking out his nightmares effectively. But it gives him access to some world he doesn't want to see. Now the shadowy figures who inhabit this world are becoming real Shadows by Malcom Bowman scoob Short, Horror - A brother and sister extract their revenge on the man who abused them as children - but all is not what it seems Shamed by Glenn Doyle Short, Horror - Two deceased, former high school students embarrassed by the school bully when alive seek revenge on Halloween night. She by R.

She Must Bleed by Pete B. Lane writing as Anon. SimplyScripter Short, Horror - A thirteen-year-old girl runs from a threat, a curse, from which there is no escape. This family tradition must carry on. And she must bleed. The lights flicker. A boy hides in a closet. Now it's up to them to warn their small community, but will anyone listen? It is now named the Fitzpatrick Hospital for the Psychologically Ill, but even with a new name, the secrets of the hospitals past comes back to haunt the patients. Danielle Fitzpatrick, the hospital adminsitrator, must find out what these secrets are She's a prudish, rule monger who lays down the local laws involved with maintaining one's property values.

Simply Hallowe Also contains no animals, pancakes or burning shacks Sin Eater by Anthony Cawood Short, Horror - A grieving husband goes to extreme lengths to cleanse the soul of his departed wife, an infamous witch. Shortly after discovering a mysterious journal in the attic, Heather finds herself being terrorized by an ancient evil. With her husband reluctant to believe that there is a supernatural presence in the house, a stranger called Vincent arrives, with the promise of saving Heather from her nightmare once and for all.

But after they meet a handsome businessman on a train, May foresees a future she cannot get on board with. Six Down by Ryan Smith Short, Horror - This is an homage to all those cheesy saturday night movies with those corny murder plots. Police officer Randall Murphy has seen a sudden string of murders the killer keeps striking again and again. The story unravels into a pretty predictable ending.

Skin Deep by Eric Wall EWall writing as Aeinrikr Short, Horror, Period - Sibling rivalry gets turned on its head when a poor peasant girl becomes envious of her beautiful sister's opulent lifestyle. People in a dreamlike slumber, lashing out at any signs of disruption. Sleepless Forest by Brandon Boynton vermen1 Short, Horror - Minors, after committing horrific crimes, are given another opportunity at redemption if they survive the Sleepless Forest.

Sleepwalker by Oscar Moreno Short, Horror - A woman tending to her catatonic husband discovers who's responsible for the wounds she keeps waking up with. Sloshbuckler by Robert Williams Short, Horror - A young woman is forced into a fight for her life with an unexpected intruder. Small Potatoes by Thomas Tosi Short, Horror, Comedy - Three boys making mischief during a backyard sleepover are horrified to discover how they keep getting caught.

The Snake Leaves by Raphael Howard Short, Horror - A King uses three mysterious leaves to resurrect his deceased wife, but this decision has disastrous consequences. Inside the forest is Terran Clearing, subject of horrific stories told by firelight. Stories of death. Of monsters. Of Snaves. Five friends decide to stay the night in the legendary Clearing.

Little do they know that not all campfire stories are fiction But tonight, someone else gets to laugh at his expense. Only catch, her blood comes with a curse. Short, Horror - A tormented Mariner finds comfort in the most unlikely of company. A Soldier's Search by Steve Cooper CoopBazinga Short, Horror - As a raging war threatens humanity, a soldier must find his family before the horrors of another world get to them.

Someplace Nice and Dark by Robert G. Newcomer bert Short, Horror - A young delivery boy calls on a strange old man harboring a shadowy secret. The contents of the tape are shown, and dismissed as fake. If the status quo is not kept in tact- everything that is believed to be true can be proved to be a lie. Did something invade a small town thirty years ago? Is the tape real? The Somthing has to be explained The Soul Cleaner Vs. Hitler Vs. Kevin by Alexander Brauck PrussianMosby Short, Horror - On a Halloween rave, searching for the restroom, drugged up Kevin collides with an overchallenged cleaning power, and Adolf Hitler, whose plan is to send more Ebola to the living.

Join Tanis, each week, as she highlights an item from her collection — each one containing the shadow of a very special soul. In the fourth episode, we learn that true love has no bounds, and even the slightest act of devotion can carry tremendous weight. Specialized Cell by James Moen dethan Short, Horror - A disturbing tale of Zack Thompson, an Afghanistan veteran who is killed and brought back to life with the help of science. Speed Trap by Gary Rademan grademan Short, Horror - Two teenage boys joyride and shoot an empty "trap" patrol car on a night when an unusual officer is inside.

Will he escape the sinister happenings surrounding his farm? Spiral by R. McManus rendevous Short, Horror - Within its pages lie some of mankind's best kept secrets. Many try to gain it. Many will fail. Spoiled by Shawn D. Kelley Short, Horror - After his mother stocks up on dozens of gallons of milk, Ian notices how starnge begins to act. Spoiled: Milked Edition by Jordan Weibe theboywhocouldfly Short, Horror - A disturbing tale about a young man and his unhealthy relationship with his mother.

Just a short scene I was writing which I may develop into a feature length. David Reed Short, Horror - Three on a boat. And a voracious predator. She's stuck in her dead-end job at a hour gas station in the same town she has lived in her entire life. But all that is about to change as the town's residents begin to change into violent psychopaths in service to a mysterious being knows as the Alldark.

Stitch by Ethan Cannon Short, Horror - When a teenage girl is thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a demon hellbent on making her and her family pay for their sins, she must get through the night in order to survive the deadly onslaught, or be punished for her deeds. Seek was The Strange Case by Mark Renshaw writing as Balfour Stevenson Short, Horror - A kidnapped women must unleash a dark, deranged side of her personality if she is to stand any chance of surviving.

Suddenly Brave by Simon Parker Short, Horror - A young office worker discovers a pretty vampire in the middle of an attack. She's still wants more. Demands that he shows her where he lives. Suffer a Wytche by G. Howard Gutshall Short, Horror - In a foregone time a young girl, accused of witchcraft must struggle against cruelty and injustice before finding her ultimate revenge. Summerwind by Jeff Bush writing as Anonymous8 Dreamscale Short, Horror - A Halloween prank at a famous haunted locale goes terribly wrong for a group of teens in upstate Wisconsin. Sun Burn by Jonathan Clancy Short, Horror - A trip to a friends cabin turns surreal, as a young woman struggles to maintain her health and sanity when exposed to the sun's heat.

But when things don't end so "perfectly" for Larry, things get deadly and fast. Tainted Lactose was Killer Lactose by Julio Weigend meatforthebeast Short, Horror - Milk turns people into homicidal maniacs after being tainted by a foursome of mysterious cloaked figures. Take by Tbone Roberts Short, Horror, Supernatural - A young man stuck in purgatory after a hit and run leaves him in a coma, walks the streets of New York City ushering souls of the recently deceased to hell, learns his next victim will be the girl he loves.

Josh and Jael race against an unseen clock in a race against time to end the evil. Tales of Horror presents: The Game Room forth ed. Tales of the Macabre by Lee Hodkinson Short, Horror - All gather round , turn off the lights and listen closely to tales of the macabre. With the weather worsening and food supplies getting low, desperate times call for desperate measures. As it does, a father playing on the beach and his daughter gets to experience their own personal hell.

Taxi Joe by Warren Duncan writing as Short, Horror, Found Footage - Two amateur documentary film makers get more than they paid for when they interview Joe, a homeless man who lives in a taxi in the woods. Teaching With Violence by James Williams jwent hosted by Jay's Website Short, Horror - As a bartender waits for her ride after closing time, she invades the privacy of a mad man who enjoys teaching others lessons.

The Tenderest Cuts by Alexander Brauck PrussianMosby writing as Anonymous Short, Horror - When a couple rebuffs their sex-obsessed roommate, they set free her inherited psychological craftsmanship. But KYle isn't as innocent as he seems Terminal Z by Anthony Cawood hosted by Anthony Cawood Short, Horror - A critically ill patient seeks a radical cure as his surgeon tries to disuade him from his terminal choice. Them by Lee Cordner Short, Horror, Mystery - Two Sheriffs give shelter to a young girl during a storm, but they soon discover that she is something far more terrifying… 14 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

Therapist by Ba Kiwanuka Short, Horror - A routine kill for a serial killer turns out to be anything but. These Empty Streets by Andrew Rodriguez Short, Horror - After a night of partying, two friends stumble upon a gruesome scene in the middle of an empty street. Think of me and I'll be there The Third Bowl A Cereal Killer Story by Des Nnochiri Short, Horror - Over breakfast, two friends discuss the activity of the latest serial killer not to make the headlines - and why he'll never be caught.

A whole new meaning to a Dead Man's hand. Three Moons by Simon Curskineville Short, Horror - Teenage runaway, Jesse, has been on the road for years, never able to end the curse that alienates him from his fellow man. When he's picked up by a kindly farmer and his daughter on an endless Nebraskan highway, he gets a tantalizing glimpse of what his life could have been, and must choose between his bestial desire to survive and the very lives of these compassionate strangers.

A Morning to forget. Taken up. Actually they are very kind and advanced and they have children his age. He now has friends. They are all doing fine, but the horse gets sick! We will take you back to the ranch to heal your horse, but you will never see us again. Big inner emotional conflict. Goodbye friends. Drop him off. Uncle has left died? Horse dies. All alone. But wait And you can come back to the stars with us.

The emotional intensity of this simplistic and manipulative space saga made me physically ill for days. They become friends despite their differences. The boy helps the angel get better. There is a war going on between earth and heaven. I think the boy or angels name was Ferron. Does anyone know the Name of this book? Need to find the title of this book. Patron is looking for an old book about 2 children that witness a murder by a blue bearded man. The man says a prayer with the word Temple in it. There was this crazy book I read last year about a girl who had a perfect life.

She was in band, had great grades, and a perfect boyfriend. But her world was turned upside down when she found out she had absorbed her twin in the womb. She realized her twin was completely opposite of her, and would take over her consciousness at night to hook up with the bad boy. Eventually she started leaving notes for the perfect twin to find in the morning.

After many other crazy things happen, we find out the character has a heart problem, which she blames on her sister's heart being weak, and she ends up going to the hospital to get a new heart. Does this help anyone? I'm dying to find this book again. This book was along the lines of something by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary.

About a young boy who started out as a pain but who grew up. I specifically remember him coming home from school to an empty house, practicing his trombone, then having an afterschool snack which was portion controlled because he was pudgy and wanted to lose weight.

I think he had trouble making friends, and that his mom being at work rather than home with him was a new thing. One specific event is when the teen boy is dared to eat a scorpion, and he does, but the scorpion turns out to be an energy bar of sorts, as the scorpion was an illusion. Please help, the only search results are just dog books or Christian books. There is a book and unfortunately many have the same title The Night Before Christmas.

Except this one had rich art color and beautiful art work like no other. It is the one I had when in the late 50's to 60's. It had a hard cover. I've been searching for years for it. I also wanted to get my hands on the Dick and Jane primers but saw the price of those and gave up. The complete 7 or 8 book series with navy blue cloth under the book cover by Jacques Cousteau Sharks, Whales, etc. Awesome collection. A thriller novel about a lady named Marrie who kills two rich men she marries and then gets married to a third men. Meanwhile a cop gets suspicious about her and tries to find the secrets she has been been hiding all along.

He also fears that the woman will try to kill her third husband as well. But the cunning woman manages to kill the cop as well and before he dies, she tells him that her current husband is her childhood love and she would never even dream about doing him any harm let alone kill him. A Warlock's innocent wife and daughter were murdered as witches. He takes revenge by killing those responsible. Revenge killings continue for the next three generations. It was a soft back book. I'm have been trying to remember a book for about 10 years now.

When I was in the 6 grade their was a book I read about a young boy was playing outside then he is sucked up in a storm and is transferred to a different world where he lands in a red barren land and eventually finds trees and food. Basically he is surviving in this new world trying to go back. It's one of those books where your memory even remembers the smell of the library and the book.

Its almost like a kid version of John Carter. Nelsongllrd yahoo. Form their own housecleaning business. One has a child and wants to be an artist; she cleans for an artist. One is quite untidy and lives on a barge. I forget the third woman. Same author also wrote a novel about a woman who is a potter and makes tea sets until convinced to put her big pieces on the market. Looking for a book that is fairly new about 2 millionaire men who are into BDSM and run a company together save a female employee who is being abused by her boyfriend than the three of them have a relationship together and she gets kidnapped and tortured and they save her again than 1 of the men decides he needs to be punished for her getting kidnapped and hires a guy to whip him and rapes him without permission.

Anyone know the author or the name of the books? I think there are 2 or 3 books to this story. Looking for a children's book of a kind raven who finds magical dust and gives it all away to his animal friends. The book was written and beautifully illustrated by the same person, a lady writer I think. It would have come out about years ago. Anyone out there who'd know it? Filmstar Nicky goes missing. Girlfriend tries to find him. He is writing a screen play. He dies at the end because he falls into an empty swimming pool.

I read this book over 10 years ago. It is a historical romance about two sisters who through unfortunate circumstances are shipped to Australia. One sister was convicted of murdering her rapist and the other was considered mad. The story tells of each sister's journey back to each other. I've been searching for what feels like forever.

I thought it was called Under a Southern Sky. The title may be similar. Any input would be appreciated. It had like a blue person on the cover and was all blue hardcover. The story was based in a little bit older times like early England kings and Queens and the characters were likable and interesting as the story goes on the main guy is confronted with basically himself who is an evil version of himself and he chases him into alternate realities.

It was something like spiral or ugh on the tip of my brain but can't remember. This was a book I read as a child, and was a seed in me developing my faith. Talking late 70's, early 80's. It concerned a boy who goes to a Christian youth group. His parents are splitting up. I remember him staying off school, been able to have a bed on the sofa, watch tv and having ice cream because he had a sore throat. The youth leader spoke about our body been like glove, and when you take your hand out of the glove then it's empty, illustrating the soul. He gave another talk about prayer, holding up a telephone which wasn't connected, this made the kids laugh.

The boy went to a safari park with his dad, on one of the days when he was allowed to see him. He tried to run away from home, but then his Dad brought him back and later on he stops his sister from running into the road and getting hit by a car, and this was used as an example of why this was where he was meant to be.

If anyone could provide the name of this book I would be delighted, as it meant so much to me growing up. Boy runs away from home because he is about to turn 18 and his parents want to send him to the death camp where they derange his body. In this town your parents are authorized to let you live or send you away where they take off your body parts and give them to other people who need them. This boy finds out his parents signed the papers for him to be deranged and he ran away. I remember he had a little sister also.

He ran away and found a new born on a front door steps so he took the baby with him and went to a school and hid in the restroom. It was a book that depicted someone's life for real where he, her younger sister and mother had to hide lights n matches then one day police are at the house and discover what they call blue murder. I read the first few books in a series about 10 years ago.

It was a bout a young teenager who lived with her grandmother and had visions and could see ghosts. They had a property helper who was a young man that could talk to animals and see the world through their eyes. He had a companion that I think was a hawk and was a romantic interest of hers. One of the books also involved a medieval festival and fencing and another involved a crystal ball. I have 2. First is a detective novel that I remember nothing about except a part in the story where the detective and his partner enter an apartment that's been completely destroyed and a man bursts out of the bathroom i believe , high on something, wearing only his underwear and screaming about "krokodilos!

The second is a children's series I read in elementary probably first or second grade, so ish, the seres is about a dog and I really want to say that he's a basset hound or a beagle, and i have the image in my mind of him wearing a red cap on the front of the book but im trusting 23 year memory here lol, i know he waits for his humans to leave as theyre not part of the story, and he meets his other dog friends at the fence I know there's a poodle involved and I really don't remember what the story lines are, a friend of mine asked about them as she remembers her sand I loving them and she wanted them for her son.

If anyone knows either of these from their very very vague descriptions that would be awesome! I read a book in the 80s about a girl named Abigail who sees a? Of a girl who was hung during witch trials in s. I thought it was called The Presence but I cant find that title anywhere. It was a book about a cat called Daisy written in verse with illustrations. I am looking for a book for my mother. She described it to me as an antique collector receives a tapestry that has some kind of code stitched into the tapestry.

He and another woman, possibly a love interest or an assistant realize that it's some kind of map and that others are trying to track it down. She read this book in a time where she was super into Mary Higgins Clark, J. Robb, Nora Roberts, Iris Johannson, etc. I'm looking for a Golden Book A children's book about a guy who travels through the woods at night when a storm blows up.

He seeks refuge in a house and there's a spirit or a monster in the chimney that will come out if he lights a fire there maybe? The artwork is limited to blue, black, and white only.

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The title or name of the monster may have the word "bones" in it. A picture book i loved as a child where a dog i think a chocolate lab digs his way to the other side of the world. And the world had magic! I am trying to find a book with protagonist named 'Nat', I guess. Nathaniel or something like that. Maybe he was jew. He hooked up with the hippie wife of his professor.

And then years later he comes back maybe he was in hiding, I do not remember to find that the professor and his wife were there no more. But, their daughter was there and she seems to have taken a liking to him. He remembers having played with her when she was a toddler. I read this a long time ago, and then too, it was an old book. Hope somebody remembers it.

I recall the title of the book as 'Sammy the Salmon', as yet I have not come up with an example from that period after searching the Internet. Most if not every page was illustrated along with a couple of lines of story text Sammy's underwater travel meeting various sea creatures etc. Trying to remember the book where i remember part of it, its about a gifted child and they find out by them solving a puzzle by pointing where the piece goes, i believe before they are even able to talk, the older sibling finds out by showing a puzzle piece thats all white and they she?

I'm looking for a children's book about a boy who found an airship when he was riding on his bicycle and explored it. The owner of the ship ended up taking him in an adventure to another world. Would have been published around Trying to find the title of a book I read just last year. I thought it was called Wonderland, by a woman, fiction. It's about a woman's return to tour as a punk singer, her father is an avant guard artist who one time cut a train in half, she has a sister, she has several sexual escapades while on tour.

There's a mesmerizing scene where she sings to an audience who is not paying attention but for one young woman, too young to remember this singer's first flirtation with fame. Trying to find a teen sci fi novel about kids that can control fire with the use of special tech, because of their unique brains. I think it was published in the 90's. It's the first book in a series. I think one of the other books in the series is called changelings.

I remember the sound the pyrokinetic ability makes is 'kreee'. That's about it Trying to find a series of books - western fiction for young boys published in the 60s, perhaps into early 70s as well. I remember that he had a palomino. Can't remember anything more. Ring any bells? Looking for a book, where a boy gets lost and a girl is trying to find him but is unable to.

Later, he ends up in her room and asks her to keep him a secret. Soon they both fall in love and the girl's parents get to that there is a boy in their daughter's room. Please help me figure out the book's name. My grandmother is looking for a book that she said was about a girl named pinky and her black cat. She said it was probably published in the 30s or 40s and that you were able to touch the cat's fur like today's tactile books. They were all centered around different girls and were all horror type stories for teenagers.

One included a girl receiving a chain letter that if she didn't repost it, she would die. She didn't repost it and ended up being killed. Another included a girl that moved from the city to a farmhouse that was haunted the radio would turn on and marbles would roll across the floor. Looking for a book, murder mystery type A girl is found murdered by a river so they are searching for the murderer.

She was sexually involved with an older man, I believe he was married and possibly a doctor so he is a suspect There is also heavy drug usage, like party drugs and there was a rave and the drug dealer is also a possible suspect. The book spills secrets that no one wanted to let to light before finding her body. One chapter involved a stolen picnic basket from the young man's crush at her birthday party, brushing teeth with a twig, living off the land Title may have been Dan's Boy. A series about a girl who lives in a society where once you turn a certain age you transform into a perfect version of you and move to another city, but she chooses not to make the switch.

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Book about a war survivor who tells her story , unknowingly, to the daughter of the child she had to give away. Looking for a book written in the mid s about a girl whose mother marries and moves them to the midwest. The girl thinks her stepfather is involved in the murder of a person whose body was found in a grain elevator.

Ok so there are three kids who solve clues for this club that their parents were in. One of these three kids is a boy and the others are girls. One of the girls is vegan and the other girl is the main character and is being taken cared by her grandpa who is also part of this club along with other adult club members cuz her parents died in a car accident but in reality this car accident wasnt an accident but done on purpouse? Looking for a book about a girl who goes with her dad who is a scientist that performs human-animal transplants and she then later finds out she was the first of his experiments when she was a baby.

I am looking for a book written in the late 80's early 90's about women playing soccer in New york I believe its called -Kicks, Still kicking or maybe kicking. She lives on the outskirts of town with her parents who are abusive and sometimes helps a man named I think Sand? Build a church in town. Looking for a book from the 50's or 60's. A thick book about how children celebrate holidays possibly around the world but definitely in the US. I particularly remember a story about a little boy in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras. I remember him talking about eating dinner and his aunt putting butter across his whole piece of bread.

In one of the books there's an epidemic, and then in another book there's a flooding Last time I saw it in the library it was around Girl was from the country, boy from the town. I think the boy's name is Danny. This book was read in the s but we are uncertain of publication date.

Any clues? Noah I'm looking for a book where there in a small town on a island and people who aren't good enough get sacrificed but really when they get sacrificed they go to a secret part of the island where they grow up learning magic. I am looking for a book. Where kids learn magic from older wizards they start out and potentate O sex in this cave which has a bunch of left and right turns this kid uses Accra names to get around and there's a crystal in the lunchroom where they have to use magic to get food from it one kid gets a soap bar and progress is to the next level and gets a green tunic and eventually they learn how to fly please tell me I'm not the only 1 that's ever read this book.

She was not at all attracted to him, but felt sorry for him. She much preferred the company of guys her age, college men. Once she went off to college, she had occasion to meet the WWII vet a number of times. As she got to know him better, she realized what a good and decent, kind and thoughtful man he was. Eventually, he returns to her and proposes. On the cover was a sketch of an old two-story house. The girls name MAY have been Rosemary. Looking for a book about a young american girl who learned french from her french cousin, became a nurse, and during the war ended up parachuting into enemy territory.

She had to go through rigid language training, because although she spoke French, they would know she was American. She was given a code for the person at a hotel, but that person never responded with the code, causing great discomfort. I can't remember any names associated with the book. Something happens to her while she is in the well and she gains supernatural powers.

She grows up and uses the powers to get revenge on the people who have wronged her in life.


Some scenes are very graphic. She describes some people want to stay in the area as the soil is rich and good for farming. They struggle and were hungry, pushing a cart, had to take stuff off the cart, she is leaving behind her only 2 things she had- a book and a doll or something like that. It was about a dejected detective trying to solve a case about a Kurds. I think he thought it was the from out of town music teacher side story was a girl falling in love w same susp3ct and wanting to move away w him. Looking for a well illustrated novel about a couple who adopt a stray dog in Europe I think it may be France.

Dog had been turned out by original owner and comes. To the couples house in a small village. The dog comments on the guests who came to a cocktail party at his adoptive parents, pointing out how certain guest smell. The dog steals meat from the local butcher, etc. I think the book was written somewhere between and or so. Illustrations were good and comical. I let someone borrow it, and wish I could get it back.

Looking for a book I read a long time ago. There was a group of siblings separated or sold off to different families. The oldest daughter chops off her hair to pass of as a boy so she could stay with the youngest. One brother goes to a very abusive household. I believe one of the siblings gets involved with the Underground Railroad, but not positive. Looking for a book i read back in highschool its a fiction story.

It was about children who were sent to live with their grandmother somewhere in england or something like that. Guests check into a hotel and are assigned cats along with their rooms. I do not remember the name of the book and the story I remember is about a boy walking down a lane when he finds a bird with a broken leg or wing. He takes the bird home and takes care of it until it is well enough to release.

My grandmother read to me from that book when I would stay with her and it was a number of years ago. This was in the 50s and early 60s. Trying to remember the name of a book we read in elementary school. The plot is kind of like space jam for football except that there is no Jordan. A misfit high school football team is mistakenly taken to outer space by a group to compete against another team. The other team is coached by a professional coach from earth but the team is made up of robots.

With no coach, the HS team is coached by the head cheerleader. Any help is appreciated. I read a book in Brazil when I was maybe It was a story of young travelers, hitchhiking, most likely one was Jewish army age to enlist in the Israeli army. It was a story of a few young people the story was in America soil each had its own issues and things to come to terms with.

I loved it. No idea of the name of the book or anything. It left a huge impression with. I read a book in Brazil, most likely translated from English about young travelers, hitchhikers, one Jewish army age, I believe all happened in USA. A book about a Mexican girl who likes to collage and is forced to move. On the first day of school, she meets a fat blonde with one dimple that is trying to be nice to her but is mean to the blonde.

That's as far as I read and can't find this book anywhere. Does anyone know what it's called? A 's book with the word "Mission" in the title about Jesus travelling forward in time and ending up in a hospital in New York in modern times. The author's first name was Charles, I believe. A book about a man or maybe 2? That poses as a school bus driver to abduct a certain child along that route.

They let off every child at their stops and eventually take the child they want to a isolated cabin. I believe there was speculation on the bus about something being wrong since their original bus driver was not there. A fantasy book set in a time where magic is outlawed. There's an orphan girl who lives in a church with a bunch of nuns and meets a witch secretly doing magic in the town square. The girl, her guy friend, the witch, and the girls fox?

Goes on a mission to find magical bones. Also they almost get eaten twords the start of the book. A fantasy novel about a young princess that is traveling with her guard, that was once a slave, to her arranged marriage and he sacrifices himself to save her when they get attacked by bandits. They also take shelter in some random fort at some point with the rest of their caravan. She finds out that her family has served as protectors to witches for a long time. She has to solve a mystery of some kind. On some of the chapters there is old poems or pieces of literature.

My friend was telling me about a book where a man kidnaps girls and houses them in the walls of a greenhouse. He gets his sons involved and his wife has no idea. The greenhouse had a key code and The walls drop. How soon falls in love with one of the girls. The story centers around young boys and their small town. One of their neighbors, an elderly German man, turns out to be an ex Nazi and he ultimately commits suicide.

Classical Historical novel about two sisters, one is beautiful Rose and uses her beauty to get her way with people, the other one is not beutiful but has a beautiful heart which led her to get married to the man she loved. The sister with the beautiful face had always loved the same man that her sister got married to.

I hope some one would help me with the title of this very known novel. Pretty please help? Looking for a book about two half brothers, one is black and one is white, one is an Olympic athlete while the other is involved the Nazi movement. The book is set in South Africa before WW2. Neither brother knows the other, the brother who is black is the son of a chief who their mother had a relationship and when he was born black, the mother left him with his father. The son who is white and the mother are friendly with the South African leader of the time.

The mother has something to do with a diamond mine and often have lunch on table top mountain. Looking for a book where the main female character loses her brother to suicide, then later goes home for the holidays and sees a classmate from college eating at her family's restaurant, she invites him to her house for the holidays because his family is at a charity event.

Read a young adult mystery novel in the s. Girl for whatever reason has to move to a mansion of some sort where an older man and a guy her age live there. I signed it out of the library like six times lol. Teen or young adult book that was originally posted on Wattpad to read. The main characters name is max and the book starts with max as a boy in school when the aliens invade. Max then kills one of the aliens with the aliens own weapon as, come to find out, Max can attune with the aliens weapons. Years later max is in the military fighting against the aliens and he is their best soldier.

He is given an assignment to protect a high ranking officials daughter who is named Laura. Laura and max squabble some and Laura is eventually kidnapped by the aliens and max must rescue her. This is as much as I can remember about this book. I cannot remember the title or the authors name. I read this book around or on Wattpad but it was later taken off Wattpad as the author actually got the book published. Teen or young adult adventure book about a boy and girl who travel with their archaeologist parents and discover lost temples, hidden ruins, etc. The book was orange and contained 4 books in the 1 book.

I read this about 10 years ago in elementary school and would really like to read it again. Horror book set in a small quaint town. People start acting strange and I remember one woman having sex with a demon that came through her bedroom wall. I think it might be Graham masterton or James Herbert but I can't remember. Maybe there was a investigator looking into the stuff that happening in the town. Set in America I think. I remember checking it out from my high school library. The book was about four maybe six warrior souls, who were re incarnated throughout time.

The souls were destined to fight a specific evil. I am looking for a romance book series of 3 about the same couple. I read it in I don't remember any character names or the author's name. Here is what I can remember about it: I think the girl's father owned an art gallery or something to do with art. I believe he was some sort of public figure like a judge or retired judge. I don't remember what he does for a living.

She ends up leaving him due to issues don't remember what. I think her father's house gets shot up by unknown assailants. Her father told the baby's father that she either aborted or lost the baby. But he later finds out that she didn't and they try to work out their issues. They end up married and after she has the baby she is kidnapped and almost dies. I don't remember what happens after that but I do know it has an HEA. I don't remember how the first or second books end but I think the third one starts either before or after they get married or before or after she has the baby.

Please help. I've been looking for this book for 2 years. Older book about a woman finding list of names of missing women in her dads basement near furnace, that is all I remember, fiction. Hope someone can help Published before likely current setting is late 70's early 80's. Teenage girl with mom and brother, no dad, move to a 3 story house off the california coast line. The house has a curved driveway with a tree stump in the grass.

The family does not have a car, but the girl keeps hearing a car idling in the driveway. Then starts to see an oil leakwhen everyone else sees dirt. Later she sees a 50's style car blue if I remember correctly and a man in his late teens early 20's in a bomber jacket. Man died in a chicken race when his car went over the cliff. He is asking the girl to help him find his girlfriend from that time, who used to live in the house. Detail about the house is that the circular window on the 3rd floor always breaks out even after the tree was cut.

Which used to be tall enough to reach the 3rd floor window. Below the House is a small cottage surrounded by lots of flowers and the person who lives there befriends the girl. She is the new girl in school and everyone thinks she is crazy, especially when the ghost of the man in the bomber jacket starts to dance with her on the schools cruise along the coast.

Of course, no one can see him and everyone thinks she is dancing by herself. The cover has the picture of the girl, brunette I think, standing in the driveway, with a see through inage of the man in the bomber jacket and his car behind her. I'm looking for a book exactly like Selection. Instead of 35 girls vying for one Prince, it's a group of boys and a group of girls chosen to compete where they form couples who are voted to be the leaders. The heroine falls for two guys, one is the favorite and the other if his best friend who is a soldier.

I just can't remember the title. Can anyone help me? A book about a small town in the s. The town is new and seems perfect. Then the boys on the football team start acting aggressive, particularly around the full moon. Its suspected that the coaches may be involved somehow. I'm searching for the title of a book about a famous guy who was dying slow so he decided to write a book and his student was the writer who came to visit him. I can't remember the title of this book for the life of me. A girl and I think her sister as well? The girl's spirit follows the terrorist around and learns about his life.

I think her spirit gets trapped in his body with another spirit. In the end she comes back to life when she gets in the middle of a kiss on someone's cheek that passes the guys immortality to her. I know this makes no sense at all but those are the only details I remember. I'm looking for this book about a recluse and when she does leave the house with her friend, she wakes up with no memory of what happened. I believe it was a British published novel. I think the title was maybe 'Johnny and the Flying Saucers'. Johnny was captured by a flying saucer although not by aliens I think.

One of the bad guys was named 'Muller'. I seem to remember Johnny being captured by South American natives and was lucky to escape certain death by his captors. I've searched the net several times and not been able to find any reference to the book I am looking for a Book that one cousin was wild, had an affair with a guy, but he wanted a virgin wife.

He married the cousin of his affair.. Guy was miserable, found out virgin was a cold miserable person.

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  • Found out fling had a spontaneous abortion, that is what the doctors called the miscarriage. He thought she aborted his kid, and became cruel to her. It has been a few years ago, many 15, can anyone help me with the title? I think it was a Harliquin. I'm looking for a book that's a romantic fantasy. Where the female heroine kills and hunts evil. But she is considered evil by the huntecreditkarma. In a plot of the book the main character is fighting evil in an ally and is being overtaken by this evil thing when some male hunters show up and assist her.

    But after the defeat the evil she must come with them. Then in the end of the book the man she has an attraction for is stick becoming the new leader. And there relationship ship is not allowed. I'm looking for a book about two brothers, one in high school and the other is in elementary??

    The older boy is offered a free haircut at his local barber shop and after he gets cleaned up, the barber notices how good he looks and takes a picture or something?? And after that people at his highschool start noticing him too, but the book is romance so he and this girl have been dancing around each other for a while. I believe the girl's family finds out about his situation due to the brother's father getting angry and taking them to the mountains in their pickup truck to shoot them, but the older brother manages to fight him off but falls down and hurts himself.

    Him and his brother are stranded for days out there on the mountain and the little brother ends up feeding him bugs to keep them alive. I think they manage to get back to civilization by using their raft from the pickup truck?? Something like that, and the girl's family adopts them I think. Oh, also, the girl's family has a golden retriever who when first is introduced to the little brother, he is afraid, but gradually they become inseparable. I read this story 3 years ago, and it didn't seem too old, might have come out in ish, maybe even earlier. If someone knows what book I'm rambling about, please help me.

    I'm going crazy trying to find it. Looking for a book about a woman who supports her husband through medical school as a waitress. He leaves her eventually for another woman bc she is overweight and the only thing she has is the house. She rents out rooms to two women to pay the bills and makes lifelong friends. She also hires a personal trainer who she falls in love with and learns so much about herself along the way.

    I want to say I read it in I'm looking for a book about a young girl named Eleanor After Eleanor Roosevelt whose mother is described as "beautiful," and "stunning. F Kennedy was asasinated as there are mentions of it throughout the book and starts off with the two being in a supermarket, and the mother begins filling in multiple forms in order to win a "beauty Queen" sort of title when she's only meant to fill in one.

    As the story progresses, the mother becomes tired of her life in the small town, and goes to New York to pursues her dreams on Broadway, leaving her daughter, Ellie to take care of the family. When she goes to New York, she begins to disregard her children didn't send them letters, etc. The book talks about how frustrated Ellie is, trying to take care of her two siblings Albert, named after Einstein, and Marie, named after Marie Curie , and her father.

    She's also unimpressed with her own looks, as people are constantly comparing her to her mother, who's well-known for her looks. She also is good friends with a girl named Holly, who I think is the child of a single mother. At some point, Ellie makes a plan to go see her mom by taking a bus or a train not too sure to go to her mother's apartment in New York.

    A few things to note: - They have two elderly neighbors who lived together and would give them lemonade. I've been searching for 2 years now, so it would really mean a lot to me if someone could please give me the name. Thank you so, so much. I read in the 70s what I think was a trilogy of books based in 18th or 19th c Russia.

    Young boy and girl captured by maurading Moors and treated as slaves. I have a memory of maybe candle or sword in the title and Harem and Eunochs in the story. Trying to find a book I read back in maybe between The book is about a girl who was murdered by her friends but she doesn't remember. As my memory recalls I believe she wakes up on a "bus" with a bunch of other kids her age who are also dead. The book puts on details about how they died. Everyone looks exactly how they did when they died.

    The people who commit suicide are silenced Angels. There is a mysterious boy in the back of the "bus"that ends up taking a liking to her and helping her figure out her murder. I don't remember if they were going to a highschool or to the great beyond. I do remember that she does travel back and visit where she died. And I believe she might of killed her killer at the end? I'm so desperate to get my hands on this book again because I was so young when I read it.

    There's this book I read 3 years ago. It was quite long. I remember it took place in the summer and it was from a teenage girls point of view. Her father owned a restaurant. Her mother was shot and died in that same restaurant. One day the girl finds a shoe on the beach Oh yeah this is a maritime story with the foot still inside. Then she starts hearing a voice. The voice of a middle aged sounding woman. She tries to drown out the voice but no music helps, only radio static so she listens to it very loudly and her dad thinks she's crazy.

    In their house they have a spare apartment thingy above it. Two boys slightly older than her rent it out for the summer. She falls in love with one of them but her dad doesn't like her interacting with them. She also likes to sketch things. She mentions at one point that she prefers to sketch unusual things, this is at a time that she is sketching a dead bird, I think.

    Anyways along the way she becomes close friends with a call girl who is extremely nice and a great person. But she goes to do a job at some address only to find its an abandoned GRODY house and she gets abducted and goes missing for a long time. The friend she had in the car had fallen asleep and woke up when headlights shined in her eyes and she immediately thought of that song that goes "woop woop thats the sound of the police" because subconsciously she noticed the licence plate which was the same as the name of the artist of that song.

    Then the original girl with the dead mom starts dedicating her time to finding her call girl friend. She is going crazy over this and at one point almost drowns. Throughout this whole tine that voice is still talking to her. That's all I really remember then at the end it's revealed that it was a letter or an email or something to the dude she fell in love with.

    Trying to find a book written in the late 's-early 's that is about a male office worker, or businessman who lives in a city. In the book, this guy contracts an undiagnosable illness. He sort of just fades away throughout the story. In the beginning, there is a scene where where he becomes disoriented on a subway. He does not know who he is, or who he should call for help. Written in the late 's or in the early 's. The story is about a guy who is some sort of office worker or businessman that lives in a city. He contracts some type of undiagnosable illness. He somewhat fades away throughout the story.

    In the beginning, there is a scene with him on the subway where he is disoriented and does not remember who he is, or who to call for help. Each book is the story of one of the girls or guys point of view. I think in one of the books one of the guys has a truck, possibly the older of the 3. The covers of the books were blue, green, last one possibly yellow with a picture of the guy on the cover just their head.

    I read them when I was in elementary, year or Came out in the last few months. Woman author, woman protagonist that moves into town and enrolls her son into a school and notices he starts acting strangely and so do the other kids. When she confronts the principal he wont tell her anything and can tell they're hiding something. Gray cover with school in the background. My moms been trying to find it for a few weeks.

    I'm trying to find a book i've read a few years ago back in high school. I remember that a boy had to live with an old lady possibly his grandma in a house FULL of books. Also in the house, was a strange man, and he was somehow connected with the boy. Been looking for this book for ages. Can't remember the title or author only that it's a YA book about a girl I think who's a siren who,when she sings a song, the lyrics come true.

    I think she was kind of like a mercenary and in the first few chapters she sings light em up by fall out boy. I'm looking for a children's book, possibly from the s. A group of school students travel home for term break, but decide to use a variety of transport train, boat etc. One of the boys is kidnapped by gypsies.

    I would like to know the title of the book. Been looking for this book but all I have is what I remember of it. I believe the main characters are in college, the heroine is into music. I want to say the main guy has a tattoo of something to do with theatre. I'm looking for a book I think it's for young adults and fiction about a teenage boy who meets this girl with red hair and bright green eyes. This girl has the ability to turn into a fox. I remember vaguely that this girl has a gang of other shapeshifting teenagers and they can all turn into different animals.

    I think at some point the main character The boy I mentioned finds out that he can turn into a black cat. I forgot the name of this book but I remember the cover. It's a picture of a girl with very fair skin and freckles I think with red hair and bright green eyes. Please please please let me know if you remember this book or its name or author. It's a book I read back when I was little, in the mids early 20s. I remember it was a child's series that involved a pixie from another realm with rainbow wings that met a girl and her brother, and they all worked together to return various creatures back to where they belong.

    I remember there being a mermaid in a fish tank or a pet store and an aggressive gnome in someone's garden. Anyone who knows, please email me at aarin. I am looking for a children's book which may have been written in French. All I remember is the cover which had a boy fishing in a boat.

    What was unique about this book is that it came with a round frame that had the same image as the cover I believe and it could be hung separately. I am going on very little here, but perhaps that special additional gift of frame triggers memories. Nathalie -I can be reached at nas71 aol. Im looking for this childrens book seris I read when I was about years old.

    The main one I can remember was about these two characaters who go to an apple orcharchd that gives streanthaning abilities. The main character eats a rotten apple because he cant reach the ripe ones and becomes weak whild his friend eats a ripe one and becomes stronger. The first one is about someone who ends up in this land that split between numbers and letters? The second one is about these two rings. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a suspense novel, probably quite recent which I think takes place in England.

    I read the first couple of chapters on Amazon and now would like to buy it for my kindle. We see a mother out walking in the street with her baby in a pram and her young son. They see a car accident where a silver car crashes into a shop front. She goes to help and there are some casualties. I think she was already under some pressure and this accident will have consequences for her. Thanks for any help you can give. I'm trying to find a book that I read when I was way younger I"m now 45 eek!!!