Terra Christa: The Global Spiritual Awakening

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As a soul awakens to these energies, there can be an inflowing of higher vibrations that occur. Thought processes change and an individual can do a lot of soul searching about themselves.

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The most important element that needs to be considered is that the passage through the Initiations of Mastery is an ongoing process. It does not end with being inhabited on the Earth; it is a continual journey. When this occurs for an individual, they wake up to new realities of their existence; they can learn about the chakra system and how it relates to physical health and well-being; essentially they are searching for answers of who they are and where they are going. These elements are all part of the journey of the Ascension Mastery Pathway regardless of if one knows they are on it consciously.

The best part of the higher realities is realizing that as a soul we are not alone. The Veil of Forgetfulness is released and there is a remembrance of Christed Beings of Light assisting in this process of ascension. We call them the Ascended Masters; the ones that have walked the same pathway but in a different time, with different circumstances, and ascended into the higher heavens of light beyond the third dimension. We all love the Ascended Masters; they give us confidence and love to continue with our journey as a soul learning to embody the Divine Truth of Remembrance to be realized within our consciousness.

It is usually at this time that a soul will search for meditation techniques, healing modalities, and truly learning how to utilize the higher realms of light to create a balanced state of physicality within the emotional and mental realms. This is when a soul will step into the Initiations of Mastery. Each initiation brings a soul into new levels of awareness about themselves and the world around them. The outside world will provide lessons for the Initiate to practice what they have learned for themselves in the manner they must individually see. We like to call this Soul Psychology, as all the lifetimes and timelines that have been experienced since the beginning of our creation now becomes much more real.

The thoughts and emotions can flood into the consciousness that have been locked away in the subconscious mind. It is an opening of the waters to flow and sometimes these waters are strewn with great challenges. The important element of all of this is to allow the energy to be transcended as it is not longer the present reality of the soul but just a remembrance especially in the case of releasing past traumas that have been held within the Etheric Self. The gift is that as an Initiate you step into a world of deep healing which will take you through many moments of sadness but also great joy.

Each of us as Initiates walk this pathway of Light. It takes us through many doorways and many times a person can be so strict in their old ways that they fight the process. The Lower Ego can be a constant reminder of that previous way of existence and just does not want to give up.

Terra Christa by Ken Carey

Numerically , reduced to equals the vibrations of the number 2, 1, and 9. Two 2 represents the attributes of being in balance and harmony, having sensitivity to the self; one 1 is the number of creating new beginnings, moving forward through achievement and success by taking positive action; while the number nine 9 allows for a celebration of all that has been experienced to come into a state of union with the Laws of the Universe. Additionally, when we add these numbers together into one digit it becomes three 3 , representing the walk with the Ascended Masters.

So Wesak of is about walking with the Ascended Masters with the attitude of love, clarity, and strength that each of them shows to us. There is no longer a Veil of Forgetfulness for any person that chooses to open themselves up into the Pathway of Mastery. These divine beings are Christed Souls that emanate from the Office of the Christ. It brings forth all the elements of each of the 12 Rays of God into a focused light energy that is essential for every Initiate to be able to hold within their four-body system.

It is the way of understanding how the Universal Laws work within the consciousness of the Office of the Christ into humanity. This is no means an easy pathway, but it helps us to become more empowered by our spiritual essence while realizing the pitfalls they we have encountered previously as being more third dimensional and very dysfunctional in how we view our attitude towards ourselves and the outside world. This brings a higher form of understanding but also responsibility, to ourselves and how we relate to others. Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists not only Initiates of all levels but each soul inhabited upon the Earth to move to another level of their spiritual self awareness.

Wesak is now the time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit. Lord Buddha and each of the ascended members of the Spiritual Hierarchy also move upwards into the next step of their spiritual evolution. It is taking active conscious steps walking to become it. Our Divine Self becomes more involved in our process as we walk the Spiritual Pathway of Initiations which allows for our I Am Presence to become more part of our consciousness and awareness of who we are as a Soul. Our own Wesak event has proven over the many prior years to be the one that assists the most from the higher perspectives of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Because we transmit not just the ceremony in words but energetically at the highest level within Oneness of the Unified Whole , it deeply grounds the new frequencies arriving from the Cosmic levels into Gaia for all of Humanity while at the same time giving the initiate in Ascension the most direct connection possible. We always recommend that the day of Wesak and suggest the full weekend to include the day after the Festival itself to be a time you set aside for yourself to be in a personal meditative ceremonial retreat energy.

It is a very sacred time and insuring that you have set aside your regular lifestyle will greatly set the tone for being more receptive. Silence, self care and an abundance of personal reflection are ideal. To assist everyone, we make it a priority to create not only the Wesak Festival itself which is often almost 3. The dates of each event are as follows:. Wesak is the only Public Ascension Mastery Festival Event during the entire year that we request a formal donation be provided so as to have your energies transmit support for these teachings directly. We thank you in advance for that support and are very grateful we have you doing so!

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Sharing our blog articles on Social Media sites is requested as a service to support our work. The form below is for donating only; not for enrollment. Your support is very much needed! Michael Ara. All rights reserved. In association with a new Global Project to Assist Gaia and Humanity in a very powerful way, this article provides information on how to create Ascension Column Pillars of Light in your own personal space or in specific areas of nature.

This project and the information provided are free. Given the increasingly tragic events and ongoing conditions that Earth and Humanity are facing, the repeated sharing of this project within your networks, groups, friends and family is going to be immensely helpful in grounding more Higher Light for Earth. When performing an accurate Spiritual Meditation, you are bringing in the Higher Spiritual levels of Love and Light from your I AM Presence into your Soul Star and through to your Central Canal which touches your spinal column, organs and chakra system.

That is essentially the core of the Ascension Process. When you connect to it, you are commanding this Light Frequency composed of Electro-Magnetic pulses of energy Masculine-Feminine Divine to be accessed through your Soul Star activating the energies within your Etheric Self Body to assist the four-body system which in addition to the Etheric body also includes the Mental body, Emotional body, and Physical body. The Etheric body is sometimes referred to as the Aura but in this use holds more complex properties than the commonly referenced visual aspects of what many call the colors in the Auric Field.

The key difference with the Ascension Column Pillars is that they become an active creation apart from your physical vehicle yet still consciously connected to you. They are instead an Ascension Beam of Light within the Physical World of the 3 rd -4 th Dimensional Frequency that brings forth the same qualities. Christine Meleriessee took this instruction a step further and constructed Ascension Columns within her entire home, not just in her meditative space.

She conducted Ascension Groups and classes in the home with others so it aligned perfectly with the work she was conducting with the Ascended Masters. Personally, it assisted every participant that came into her home as it helped them to align with their own Highest Purpose in that moment. Her own Higher Guidance within these energies enabled her to take additional steps for using the Pillars of Light in other areas. As she also liked to create the Sacred Native energies of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun of the Medicine Wheel within her house in each of the rooms, she added the Ascension Pillar energies along with the Crystal Kingdom as they hold special higher vibrational qualities too.

In placing crystals such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz in the corners of the room, she created additional protection from lower energies while assisting in re-creating a clear more powerful direct connection 2. She then uniquely expanded this energy by calling upon the 22 Rays of God so that each column would be infused with the 5 th Dimensional Frequency energies, thereby creating a protective and highly attuned Ascension Column Pillar of Light.

Essentially, by combining the 22 Rays, the Crystals, and the Ascension Columns into the Medicine Wheel structure to be directly connecting with to the Power of Light of the Creative Source of Oneness represented as the Great Spirit in many Native traditions it establishes an ideal Sacred Space environment for significantly boosting the Ascension Mastery process. Since the introduction of the Unified Whole Energies to Humanity in preparation for the gateway of , the commanding energy of the Ascension Column technique has expanded to include those Higher Frequencies of Light as well.

This is done by utilizing their breath to connect to the Higher Realms of Light, the Unified Whole Energies by counting upwards to the th Dimension and allowing the voice commands in a properly Commanded and accurate Invocation to come from their Highest Self, not the physical self. As Ascension Mastery teachers and trainers we assist individuals to learn how to do this process more competently. Many times, an individual will ask to have the Ascension Column built by just stating the words. It is imperative to connect to the Higher Realm of Light in order to have the right connection and effect of the Higher Energies.

This allows your Feminine Divine to be initiating the energies while the voice command allows the Masculine Divine to ground them. Based on decades of experience in working with Ascension practices and tools, we suggest that if your chosen Sacred Space area is a large enough space that you have as your sacred meditation or healing room, we suggest placement of the Ascension Column Pillars be in the four corners of the area and in the center just as we do.

Otherwise simply create one column where you do your meditating so that you receive optimal benefit of the Higher Light Forms within your physical body. We suggest in be just in front of and including 3 an altar space that you have arranged. If you are sensitive to subtle energy fields you should then be able to sense, feel, or perceive the light frequencies that have been created.

Like any other consciousness, what one forgets about ceases to exist upon earth, or at best it becomes dormant.

If you have not utilized the room for a while, have them to be realigned every day to help you be in the Higher Energetic space. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Rev. It is supported by many other organizations of like mind in bringing more frequencies of Higher Love and Light to Gaia, with special thanks to Master Joshua David Stone for his input and continued support. Did you find this post educational for your higher understanding? Not able to enroll? Everyone reading this can help make a difference. We require public support to bring forth these important Ascension Mastery transmissions.

As we enter another period of full moon activity, we are also experiencing a Lunar Eclipse. As the moon is in Leo, it represents the creative process of the Feminine Divine, while the Sun in Aquarius brings forth the act of dependence and mental pursuits of the Masculine Divine. These energies can be at a crossroads. With the Eclipse energies it brings into it a whole new dynamics to the situation.

Usually eclipses represent relationships, either the severing or the healing within both parties. The dynamics that this eclipse is bringing to us is the ability to step into the power of healing by letting go of the elements that no longer serve our purpose. It does not mean that anything has to end but it needs to be changed.

If we look at this arrangement within the heavens in the context of the Masculine vs the Feminine Divine, we can see that it is time that the Yang essence needs to let go of some of the confines that it has placed upon us as an individual to allow the Yin to show her worth through the arts, through a creative process and allow this energetic exchange to become one within balance.

The Masculine Self gives to each of us a foundation but it has to be shifted into allowing the Heart Essence to be part of the process. We have to refer to the past month in which the New Moon went into Aquarius and how that has affected each of us to think differently so that change can be a reality. We now take that energy as our foundation of the Masculine Self and allow the moon essence of Leo to show its creative process within heart-based ideals within our lives.


In addition the planetary alignment for the past month fully went into a balanced state. What we may not realize is that was an initiation for us to step into this process of accepting our Divine Self as the ruler within our consciousness. As each of us is a responsible partner in the healing of the Earth, then it seems only fitting that we should allow this exchange of energy to help us acknowledge elements within ourselves that need to be adjusted in order for the both parties to come to a harmonious conclusion.

For more information on this understanding, please check out Astrology King, Lunar Eclipse February 10, Practical Magic in which he gives a very powerful understanding of what is occurring presently. From a spiritual viewpoint, this moon and eclipse is an open doorway to allow the old demons to be removed so that we, as individuals, can truly find our highest spiritual self to assist us in making those changes. If we use the energies of the Moon of Leo with passion and heart centeredness to illicit the power to ignite the changes, then the Sun of Aquarius will help us to make it more grounded.

The new essence that we are trying to integrate is within our grasp with these elements coming into place. The Lunar Eclipse allows for the union of the Masculine Aquarius with the Feminine Leo to step into a new world that will support the unity that all of us are desiring to achieve. The most important element through this process is not to let the Lower Ego become inflamed, but yet allowing the Higher Ego Spiritual Self to be the ruling energy.

I believe that if every person realized the power that they have during this cycle they would see the true potential that they are. I Am Master Djwhal Khul ready to assist in understanding the true depth of light that is occurring presently. The most important element you must understand that every soul upon this planet is going through this transition. What needs to be realized is that the elements that have been in place in the past few months created a surge of light to help you understand within your own consciousness what this cycle may mean for you.

As I always try to help initiates to grasp the idea that their own well-being is the first component to heal this earth. This moon and lunar eclipse brings to light all of the darkness that you have been feeling. It is a climatic time of arrival for each of you.

As you learn more about your true inner self the emotional body , you realize that the potential you have for healing is to remove those aspects from its existence. We know this is easier said than done, but doing it is absolutely essential. The gateway of opportunity in this moon cycle is to help each soul to realize what is it within them they do not like, address how to remove those elements, and allow their true heart essence of the Higher Self to assist them to make the necessary adjustment within their full body system.

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Have taken me unto a whirlwind of experiences,. With a Solar Eclipse within the New Moon,. And constantly being pushed to know who I Am. I am learning through this process,. As I believe that the assistance I am getting,. From the Spiritual Hierarchy and Forces of Light,. Are truly helping me to realize the inner work I am doing,. As an Initiate on the Ascension Mastery Pathway. I call upon the energies of Resurrection,.

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To cleanse my four-body system of all elements that do not belong to me;. I ask for the Rays of God to assist me especially within the Crystalline Flame. I allow it to move through my body to remove and cleanse,. All that is ready to be released;. I go deep into my Emotional Body to allow the aspects,. I call upon the Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom,. As it permeates into my Mental Body,. I fully allow my Higher Mind to be my guide with the essence of understanding.

I start to see the reason I have lived as I was,. I now know that is no longer the way I need to be. I feel I am restoring my soul into a way it has always desired to be,. As I fully allow the Illumination that I am,. To be accepted by my physical mind,. As the Lower and Higher Minds blend within me.

I then call upon the essence of the Pink Flame,. Representing Creative Actualization to assist my Emotional Body,. I feel deep Love of the Divine Mother coming within my Heart;. I allow the acceptance of the resurrection I created,.

To help me restore my faith,. That I am the Feminine Divine. I then feel the essence of the Blue Flame,. Representing my Will and Power,. As I have gone through the process of renewal,. I am now able to fully be within the Divine Mind,. Of the Will of God,. As I acknowledge the Wisdom that I Am. As I stand in this moment,. Within my physical body;. I see within me the changes that needed to be made,.

As I fully allow this creation to be fully accepted,. Within my Full Body System.