Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury

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Solidified mercury is a hard but breakable metal like antimony or bismuth. Therefore one must be careful not to drop it on a very hard ground. When used, it tarnishes due to the action of the acid perspiration of the human body, and it is therefore desirable to clean it once in a while. This can be done by soaking it in lemon juice or, after it has been washed in water, by rubbing it with tooth paste which gives it a perfect' shine. It can also be gently rubbed with the soft and fine steel wool of the carpenters ; this will yield a perfect shine after it has been rubbed' onto a piece of fabric.

If you wish, it can be lent' to another person carefully making sure it is clean before you take it back, because it can also be used in drinks such as water or milk for instance or any kind of tea ; when soaked in these drinks, its use is easier and its effect more subtle;, this way of proceeding perfectly suits individuals who otherwise do not take it well due to its intensity or heat. Milk is an,excellent means to transmit the mercurial energy throughout the body ; pour milk rather hot, but not boiling,. Take the mercury out and drink this warm energized milk, perferably in the morning on an empty stomach to draw further benefit from it.

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Repeat this two or three times a week if necessary. This magnetized' milk is charged with all the medicinal virtues of mercury but absorbs only littleof its fire. It is the best' means to improve weak digestion,' to stimulate the liver and purify the blood, as well as to softly expel numerous latent disorders. This milk can also stop the bleeding of gums if it is taken regularly two, to three times a week for several months. The use of solidified mercury increases the force of will and fortifies the intellect. This should not be surprising as it is the planet Mercury which rules the intellect.

In case of muscular pain or cramps, for instance, place the mercury with a bandage on the specific spot for a few hours; heat will be felt at that spot and generally the pain will go. Better still, an excellent massage oil can be prepared by placin. We can, during the massage, rub the painful muscle with the mercury that has been soaked in this oil People suffering from weak digestion should keep a ball of mercury in their navel with a band-aid for several hours regularly; appetite and digestion will improve. Many women have recognized alchemically purified and solidified mercury as the almost immediate remedy for migraines and headaches.

For the eyes, in case of stye on the eyelids, place a very clean ball of mercury into distilled water for a day or better in rose water; then. The mercury can also be used as a mirror in the sun. If this, practice is repeated regularly, excellent results can be obtained ; the eyes feel completely refreshed, the intellect sharpens and with time other things may be obtained.

In case of bleeding,' keep a ball of mercury tightly held in the hand foi some time. The vibrations of the mercury help the blood coagulate more rapidly.

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For long walks or hikes a ball mercury tied around the hips, touching the skin will enable you to comfortably walk long distances and avoid fatigue. For the voice, mercury can increase the vocal power of an orator or of a singer if it is kept attached at the base of the neck.

For dowsing, it is an excellent metal which can make very sensitive pendulums. In acupuncture it is used successfully in the form of small lentils that are placed for aboutone day on the various points with band-aids. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Here are explained several ways to use solidified mercury, they will permit interested and concerned people to understand its action on the human body and thus to discover other methods of application Children can also use it by taking lighter balls.

Strong and heavy people must wear more for the strength of solidified. Obviously a ball of 50 grams has a quicker and more intense effect than a ball of 20 grams. Domestic animals, friends of man, can also successfully benefit from the use of alchemically purified and solidified mercury. A experiment done on an old retired dog allowed us to observe that the mercury gave it back much of its canine vigour.

The knowledge of, the alchemy of Mercury, a well-kept secret, belonged to;the ; priests, the kings and the ascetics in particular, in order ; to protect its powers. As a powerful catalyst of energies, it harmonizes the four basic elements in man while combining with man's individuality.

Its effects are often quieting, comforting and warming. It improves concentration and facilitates physical efforts. Entirely hand' made in limited quantities, the Mercury is completely purified before its solidification, that is to say, it is rendered non-tonic and drinkable. Objects made of solidified mercury enable those who wear them to obtain higher results on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, but can also prove to be very intense. It is used as a pendant or in drinks. Its -energy never decreases and whoever uses it finds it difficult to part from it.

For those interested, two varieties of solidified mercury are available 1 Regular Mercury 2 - Patanjali Mercury 1 Regular Mercury is coagulated in the cold state as it receives the soul of definite mineral essences and plant extracts corresponding to coldplanets away from our sun. Mercury contains a powerful intrinsic fire which maintains. It contains at least four different plant extracts and certain mineral ashes, among which mica, calcined a thousand times.

In Indian -alchemy, mercury is considered the Semen of Shiva or Hara, thus a male, warm substance which controls the elements Earth and Water. For this reason, it has to be associated with mica which is its cold, female counterpart, or Gauri, and which controls theelement Air. Therefore through the union of mercury and mica, or Hara and Gauri, male and female, Yang and Yin, we obtain a married metal which controls the elements Earth, Water and Air, that is, the solids, the fluids and the mental in the human body, but increases the element Fire, that is heat.

This mercury, thus prepared according to an ancestral tradition, I call it regular for it is neither too strong, nor too weak and is suitable for most. Its soft and subtle blue energy penetrates the etheric body of the wearer, thus invigorating and working throughout the entire body without shattering the individuality. Contrary to regular mercury, Patanjah mercury is coagulated in the hot state. While boiling, it is precipitated by magnetic forces, and rather than volatilize, it hardens rapidly like a congealing grease.

This mercury contains the same plant extracts and mineral ashes as regular mercury and retains almost all the same charactenstics although it is not as hard and therefore more fragile. Yet its energy is far more intense aid has a direct and fast action on the physical body. Because Qf its power, it does not suit everyone for it, often provokes a strong awareness of the astral body which may bring a certain. A number of works, among which. It also enables rather stiff individuals to become easily and quickly limber during exercises.

This mercury is therefore ideal for physical efforts such as Hatha Yoga, postures, martial arts, jogging and sports in general. For those who practice meditation, profound experiences may result when you place the mercury on your forehead between the eyes during spiritual contemplation. It can also be successfully used to reactivate weak or dormant sexual activity when worn around the hips.

Each one can benefit from its use, and use it in accordance with the results he, seeks to obtain. This solidified mercury is a powerful substance and shouldnot be handled with excess. Results are better when used with discernment. Warning : Whatever statements made here concern the alchemically purified and solidified mercury prepared by Petri Murien. The same statements may not be applicable for any other solidified mercury. Read Free For 30 Days. Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury. Description: alchemy. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Alchemy regards man as made of spirit which thickens into a soul which, in turn contracts further down into a body ; chemistry, on the other hand, only sees the body and considers that consciousness only emanates from the brain. Once this point is made clear, we must now understand the formation and evolution of the metals within the earth, their relationships with the different planets and their common origin in mercury.

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Such a mercury, which has in itself other metallic sulphurs, like antimony for example, can easily coagulate owing to the compacting property of the sulphurs. As its action is to go up, to rise and as it acts through the subtle body, and obviously as the subtle body acts on the physical body, it will manifest its purifying action physically, if need be. First it must be cleaned if need be and rubbed with a cloth to make it very shiny ; place it inn the sun and receive in your eyes the rays of this solar mercurial light reflected by the mercury on which you should concentrate until it becomes iridescent with many colours ; tears may flow, so much the better.

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Mercury contains a powerful intrinsic fire which maintains it in permanent fusion; however during the cohobation with the said extracts it cools down and progressively leaves the liquid state to coagulate in a hard and shiny metal. Frater Magus. Nicholas Collette. Omar Exoslius. James Campbell. Lorcan Heer. Kristina Sip. Donna Kennedy. Jorge Daniel Ferreira Granados. Don Parish. Philippe Beugniez. Vikram Rajpurohit. Dez Donaire. Chandrikaprasad Kollegala Subbaramu. Greg Meanwell. Elizabeth Martinez. Scott Hankes. Popular in Chemistry. Tubagus Singgih. John Dareyrle G. Amy Gao. L Guillermo Rueda.

Carlos Perea. Andres Jimenez Guerrero. Eugene Pai. Milan Karki. Abdull Sulaiman Ismil. Khoh Kai Sheng. Vijay Iyer. Bernard Andre Palacios Gomez. Taniadi Suria. Ashish Singh. An overview of flame retardancy of polymeric materials. Srinivas Sai. Lenaldy Nuari Garnoko. Zohaib Maqbool. Michel l'Amie. James Perianayagam.

Bear Bear Leong. Cindy Jara. It has also been found in high concentrations in gallstones and kidney stones. The old alchemical graphic for lead — a skeleton — was grotesquely appropriate. Children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, and it is believed to be an important factor in stillborn fetuses. Children with more than just 0. Lead in paint has caused mental retardation and premature aging in hundreds of children who ingested old flaking paint from the walls of their homes. Lead paint was used extensively until the poisonous effects were documented in the s.

Because of its lasting durability, lead paint is still used outdoors in advertising and the yellow lines on highways and curbs. Not surprisingly, lead has found use as an insecticide and was even once considered for use as a military weapon. Lead metal reacts violently with fluorine and chlorine to form the highly poisonous gases, lead fluoride and lead chloride. There are many research studies linking lead exposure to anger and violence, especially in adolescents. One recent study of all counties in the United States conducted by Colorado State University revealed that the murder rate in counties with the highest lead levels were four times higher than in counties with the lowest levels of lead.

More benevolent uses of lead are in storage batteries, covering for underground and transoceanic cables, waste plumbing, shielding around X-ray equipment and nuclear reactors, solder, pewter, fine lead crystal glass, and flint glass with a high refractive index for achromatic lenses.

Even the elemental metal carries the seed of its own redemption. The alchemists knew that Fire is lord over lead, for the metal has a low melting point and is easily separated from its ore by roasting in an open flame, and the metal itself melts in a candle flame. Lead expands on heating and contracts on cooling more than any other solid heavy metal.

Silver is the opposite and is considered an antidote to lead. Perhaps owing to its dual nature, lead carries deeply hidden within its structure the fire of its own transformation. Many lead salts reveal a whole rainbow of brilliant colors, with the solar colors of yellow, orange, and red predominating. This is why lead has been used in paints for so many centuries. When made into a fine powder, lead metal must be kept in a vacuum to keep from catching fire.

Otherwise, it ignites and burns down to a bright yellow ash, revealing its deeply hidden solar signature. So, the wonder of lead is that hidden deep inside the gray, dead metal is a tiny, eternal spark that is the seed of its own resurrection. In the eyes of alchemists, this makes lead the most important metal despite its unattractive darkness. For dull lead and gleaming gold are really the same things, only at different stages of growth or maturity.

The Secret Fire inside lead is really the alchemical basis for transforming lead into gold, and correspondingly, gives mankind hope for its own spiritual transformation. That tiny spark of light in the darkest part of matter makes resurrection part of the structure of the universe. So, deep down inside, the metal lead also yearns to be transformed. It wants to rise in the air and fly, leave matter and form behind, and be free as Fire. Lead unites two contrasting forces: rigid heaviness and revivifying inner fire.

Archetypically, the lead process is concerned with death and resurrection. Greek myth says that after death our soul is put on a scale, and the weights of the scale are made from lead, the metal that carries Saturn's signature. Lead is used in magical rituals, spells, and amulets to promote contact with deep unconscious levels the underworld , deep meditation, controlling negativity, breaking bad habits and addictions, protection, stability, grounding, solidity, perseverance, decisiveness, concentration, conservation, and material constructions buildings.

Correspondences of Lead. Pick up a hunk of lead and the first thing you notice is its weight — its connection to gravity. It is that connection to something beyond matter and light, the very form of the universe that is the physical basis for this experiment. During the winter months, preferably on some clear night in late January or early February, go outside and find the planet Saturn in the northern sky.

Paracelsus Tria Prima

Relax and try to focus all your attention on the golden sphere. Relax completely with an open and quiet mind. Become empty and let the planet influence you. Do this until you feel a real connection with the distant planet. Continue gazing upon Saturn and place a piece of lead metal in your hand. You should be able to feel a strange resonance building. That eerie, cold vibration is not your imagination. For instance, solutions of lead nitrate produce the greatest weight of crystallization or manifestation during February, when Saturn rules the sky, and the least during June, when Saturn is barely visible.

Lead compounds also exhibit different properties when Saturn aligns with other planets. NASA is even considering a series of astrochemical experiments to see if the Saturn-lead effects become more pronounced in outer space. The Lead Temperament. Surprisingly, because the metals are such perfect expressions of archetypal energies, we can actually learn quite a bit about people by studying the properties of metals and the behavior of planets.

That same correspondence exists in the human temperament. For instance, the leaden person is someone who has, like Saturn, lost their bid to become a star. They have accepted a mere physical existence and believe the created world is all that counts. The positive characteristics of the saturnine person are patience, responsibility, somberness, structure and realism, true knowledge of history and karma.

The black messenger crows of Chronos bring black moods, depression and despair to us, but they also alert us to illusion and fakeness in our lives. Similarly, the lead tempered person is like an acid-proof container that stores up caustic feelings and anger. There is a denial of all higher or spiritual energies, and the alchemists often portrayed the leaden person as lying in an open grave or hopelessly chained to matter in some way.

Part 20 - Mercurial operations (18): Transformation of base metals into gold by mercury (bedhana)

A feeling of being trapped in material reality is symptomatic of a leaden attitude. Leaden people are stubborn, unyielding, and often control other people by making them wait. They must always be right, rarely accept blame or admit to being in error, and have no real regard for the truth of a situation. They may be religious but not spiritual.

They tend to be very uncreative, judgmental, and smug. On the other hand, leaden people are grounded, earthy, and practical. They are good friends during times of bereavement — a rock of support at funerals and deathbeds. Such people secretly crave stimulation, excitement, and new ideas. They gravitate to people who supply energy and entertainment in their lives.

This craving for stimulation often makes them focus on nervous energy instead of higher inspiration. In alchemy, air is associated with spiritual energy, and lead reacts to it by instantly forming a barrier or blocking it. Likewise, one of the distinguishing characteristics of someone with a lead temperament is their lack of interest in spiritual ideas. There is also a general lack of interest in life in general, and leaden people often seem lazy, lethargic, or unresponsive. Because psychological lead absorbs both the deeper vibrations of intuition and higher spiritual energies and aspirations, the person with a lead temperament is uninspired, unimaginative, and lacks that creative spark so necessary for positive change.

Before long the lead person starts to feel trapped in his or her dull environment and seeks out excitement, death-defying feats, lively people, and challenging conversation. Their favorite color is often red, and unconsciously, they are seeking the alchemical element of Fire. Fire is one of the Four Elements that represents activity, energy, creative thinking, and transformation. Fire is the tool alchemists use to begin the transmutation of lead into gold as well as transform leaden consciousness into a golden awareness of higher reality.

In the laboratory, the changes in the metal and in the alchemist take place simultaneously. Otherwise, there can be no real transformation. The alchemists transmuted the Lead temperament using the Fire operation of Calcination. Physically, lead and Saturn rule the bones, teeth, spleen, and slow chronic processes such as aging. The therapeutic effects are contracting, coagulating, drying, and mineralizing. Saturn-ruled plants enhance the structures of life. Alchemists seeking to produce physical effects found in saturnine elixirs the essential vibratory rate that enabled materialization.

Generally speaking, any other elixir mixed with a Saturn elixir will be earthed, which makes them of great value when working on physical plane phenomenon. Their physical therapeutic properties become refrigerant, anti-pyretic, sedative, styptic, and astringent. For instance, if one mixes a saturnine elixir with a mercurial one, the alchemists believed it would release knowledge contained in secret magical manuscripts or in ancient hermetic traditions, because the Saturn-Mercury vibration contains all hidden knowledge of an esoteric nature within it.

Alchemical oils were mixed in the same way. For example, to treat leukemia, alchemists would prescribe an equal mixture of lead oil and gold oil. The homeopathic name of lead is Plumbum metallicum. The Courtly Metal Tin. Native tin is known as stannum, which is the Latin word for tin and also gives the metal its chemical symbol Sn.

The alchemical symbol is K , which shows the lunar principle of soul above the cross of the elements or emerging from the darkness of matter. Tin is a shiny, silvery-white metal that is malleable, somewhat ductile and sectile, and seems like a perfected form of lead to the casual observer. Native or elemental tin is extremely rare in nature and is found with gold and copper deposits. The Romans used it to make mirrors, and it was used as coinage in Europe at one time.

Tin has a highly crystalline structure, and due to the breaking of these crystals, a "cry" is heard when a tin bar is bent. Unlike lead, tin has pleasing acoustic effects and is used in the making of bells. The crystals in common grey tin have a cubic structure, but when heated or frozen it changes into white tin, which has a tetragonal structure. After further heating or freezing, white tin disintegrates into a powdery substance. This transformation is encouraged by impurities such as zinc and aluminum and can be prevented by adding small amounts of antimony or bismuth to the metal.

Tin metal has only a few practical uses and most tin is used in alloys. Most solder is a combination of tin and lead; pewter is also an alloy of tin and lead. Other tin alloys are used to make tin cans and tin roofs, and tin has significant use as a corrosion fighter in the protection of other metals. Tin resists distilled, sea and soft tap water, but is attacked by strong acids, alkalis, and acid salts. When heated in air, tin forms tin oxide, which is used to plate steel and make tin cans.

Other uses are in type metal, fusible metal, Babbitt metal, and die casting alloys. Tin chloride is used as a reducing agent and mordant in calico printing. Tin salts sprayed onto glass are used to produce electrically conductive coatings, which are used for panel lighting and for frost-free windshields. Window glass is made by floating molten glass on molten tin to produce a flat surface. A crystalline tin-niobium alloy is superconductive at very low temperatures, and shoebox-sized electromagnets made of the wire produce magnetic fields comparable to conventional electromagnets weighing hundreds of tons.

The distribution of tin on earth follows an ecliptic at an angle of Even stranger, these jovian forces seem to form tin veins that zigzag through the rocks in a lightening bolt pattern. This is no haphazard effect, but an astonishing confirmation of Jupiter freeing the metals from their Saturnic prison on earth. Goethe was just one great alchemical philosopher who believed this.

Tin ore minerals include oxide minerals like cassiterite and a few sulfides such as franckerite. By far the most tin comes from cassiterite or tin oxide. Reduction of this ore in burning coal results in tin metal and was probably how tin was made by the ancients. Cassiterite is a black or reddish brown mineral that has ornately faceted specimens with a greasy, high luster. It is generally opaque, but its luster and multiple crystal faces cause a sparkling surface. Cassiterite has been an important ore of tin for thousands of years and is still the greatest source of tin today. Most aggregate specimens of cassiterite show crystal twins, with the typical twin bent at a neardegree angle to form a distinctive "Elbow Twin.

Cassiterite is sometimes found in nature associated with topaz and fluorite gemstones. Tin has a surprising affinity for silica and shares its crystalline structure. In the jovian ring on our planet where native tin is found, the metal lies in silica veins of quartz and granite. In the Middle Ages, sick people were served food on a tin plate and drinks in a tin vessel to help them regenerate and recover their strength. Today, we know that tin acts as a b actericide and pesticide. Correspondences of Tin. Chakra: Svadhisthana Genital. The Call of Tin. Jupiter is usually an easy planet to find in the night sky.

Look up in your newspaper or online, the rising and setting times and position for Jupiter for your location. Then go outside one night and gaze on the planet while holding a piece of tin metal or something containing pure tin on its outer surface, such as Babbitt metal or an uncoated tin can. You should be able to feel a resonance building between you and the distant orb. The Tin Temperament. Psychologically, the focus of the tin temperament is on sensuality and there is a greater interaction with others than seen in the leaden person.

Still, most of the control at this level comes from unconscious impulses. As tin is transformed, a person is dominated by dreams and powerful undercurrents of emotion. Only by fully integrating the contents of the personal unconscious, can tin be successfully transmuted into a higher metal. That is true of the tin temperament too.

Jovial people are often inflated, expansive, and can be seen as overly spiritual. They tend to talk endlessly about obvious or mundane things and can be perceived as thoughtless, shallow, and even licentious. They are judgmental and often blame others for their mistakes. They have access to spiritual forces but are unable to control them because of lack of depth and presence. Finding their soul mate, working relentlessly with alchemical techniques, learning to relax deeply, and meditating to find their genuine identity, are methods of transforming the tin temperament.

Tin is used in magical rituals and spells to promote abundance, prosperity, success in business and in legal matters, stimulation, attracting what you desire, energy, healing, regeneration and rejuvenation. Standard amulets and talismans for tin are usually made of pewter and charged with Jupiterian energy. The alchemists transmuted the Tin temperament using the Water operation of Dissolution.

Healing with Tin.

Jupiter rules growth, the metabolic system, the liver, the tongue, saliva, and the enrichment of the blood from food. Jupiter therapeutic effects are anti-spasmodic and hepatic. Jupiter-ruled plants preserve the body and promote healthy growth and are the natural healing herbs of the planetary system. Jupiter-Mercury combinations produce insight into the philosophical principles of any system and their part in the cosmic scheme and provide an intuitive understanding of the great spiritual masters.

This particular herbal mixture also produces a lightheartedness and gaiety, which can be very useful to those with a predisposition to depression or gloominess. The physical properties of such a mixture are anabolic and antispasmodic. If mixed with a solar herbal eider, it is said to give the alchemist access to the highest plane. Tin carries the preserving qualities of Jupiter. Flowers last longer in tin vases, and food has been preserved in the tin cans actually a thin layer of tin on iron for over a century.

Beer ruled by the jovial Jupiter is said to taste best from a tin mug. Jupiter rules growth, the metabolic system, the liver, and the enrichment of the blood from food. Jupiter controls the circulation of blood in the human body. If mixed with a solar herbal eider, it will give the alchemist access to the highest plane. The alchemists made an Oil of Tin that was used to treat the liver jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis , certain types of eczema, liquid ovarian cysts, inflammatory effusions, pleurisies, acne, water retention, and certain types of obesity.

This oil was said to be excellent for someone "loosing shape. The polar opposite metal to tin is mercury, and Oil of Tin was said to be an excellent antidote for mercury poisoning, and likewise mercury was said to balance the bad effects of tin. Tin and mercury oil combined are said to provide deep insight and cure lightheadedness and certain phases of manic-depressive syndrome.

The homeopathic form of tin is called Stannum , a remedy which is said to strengthen and regenerate muscle and brain tissue. It is also a remedy for the joints and connective tissue of ligaments and cartilage. Stannum is allegedly beneficial in liver disease and is used for congestion, hardening, encephalitis, and other illnesses where the fluid balance is upset. The Angry Metal Iron. Iron is the second oldest metal known to man after lead and was known in prehistoric times. Genesis says that Tubal-Cain, seven generations from Adam, was "an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron.

A remarkable wrought iron pillar nearly 25 feet high, dating to about AD, remains standing today in Delhi, India. Corrosion to the pillar has been minimal despite its exposure to the wet weather since its erection.

Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury

The symbol for iron is Fe, which comes from the Latin word for iron ferrum. In iron we recognize the male and active character of the war-god Mars, building and conquering in a new and sometimes hostile world. As we have only recently learned, it is the massive amounts of iron oxide on its surface that gives the planet Mars its red color, though that correspondence would hardly have surprised the ancients. Iron is a relatively abundant element in the universe.

It is found in the sun and many types of stars in considerable quantity since iron nuclei are very stable. Iron is a vital constituent of plant and animal life on, and is the key component of hemoglobin in the blood. The pure metal is not often encountered in modern commercial applications but is usually alloyed with carbon or other metals. The pure metal is very reactive chemically, and rapidly corrodes, especially in moist air or at elevated temperatures. Native iron is quite often a misnomer as natural pure iron is not necessarily "native" to earth, since it rarely occurs on the earth's surface by terrestrial processes.

It is mostly found in the form of meteorites that have impacted the earth's surface. All natural iron, whether it is native or meteoritic, is actually an alloy of iron and nickel. Iron is steel gray or black with a metallic luster, is somewhat malleable and strongly attracted to magnets. Iron filings cause spectacular sparks in flames and react explosively in a burning mixture of potassium chlorate and sucrose.

Iron has an unusual relationship with carbon and readily combines with it to form a nobler and stronger metal known as steel. European alchemists noticed this effect when they accidentally dropped bits of charcoal into molten iron. While pure iron is soft and malleable, the new metal was hard and brittle. By controlling the amount of charcoal introduced, it is possible to produce steel, whose characteristics lie between the extremes of pure iron and cast iron.

Nearly all iron produced today is used in the steel industry, which transforms iron into steel in carbon-based, forced-air blast furnaces. This process is one of the most significant industrial processes in history and originated in England around the year In the process, iron oxide is reduced with carbon as coke. Because of this process, iron and steel is the most common metal in human civilization, even though native iron is extremely rare. Iron also has an affinity for other metals, each of which adds different qualities to pure iron to produce unique forms of steel. The alchemists considered cobalt an earthier and earlier form of iron.

Steel almost as hard as diamonds is produced by adding tungsten and vanadium to iron. In terrestrial deposits, iron it is found with gold, platinum, and sulfide ores. In meteorites, iron is associated with silicon minerals and some other minerals that are only found in meteorites. The meteorites that contain iron-nickel crystals are fascinating in their possible origins and diversity. It is postulated that another planet similar to earth a rocky planet broke apart early in the formation of the solar system and is responsible for the iron-nickel debris that rains down upon the earth on a daily basis.

Since it is known that the earth has a substantial amount of elemental iron and nickel in its core, this leads credence to this theory and gives us much to think about. Many, however, believe the meteor debris to be left over primordial material that the earth and the other planets were built from. Meteorites are very diverse and even novice collectors can distinguish samples from different known meteorites by their unique character. Often these meteorites have inclusions of large crystals of other minerals or the iron has a unique crystal pattern that is characteristic.

Heavy dark iron oxides such as hematite, marcasite, magnetite, and siderite are the primary iron ores. Along with iron meteorites, they tend to exhibit distinctive radial and spherical crystalline spiraling, which very significant in an esoteric sense. These signatures show the fundamental role that the iron archetype plays in formation of matter in general. Several noted astrologers believe that iron is the mechanism that by which the ether penetrates the planet and human body and brings life force to dead matter.

The fact that this dynamic shows up so clearly in iron ores points to the fundamental role played by the iron process, for it transforms spherical forces quite unrelated to the laws of earth into radial forces working towards a center. One can say that the function of iron is to help cosmic, weightless elements to enter the sphere of gravity.

Iron is the only substance which makes visible in an archetypal picture the incarnating force during its spiral descent, for a path followed by meteors is indeed a spiral, the result of interacting radial and spherical forces. The most valued iron mineral is olivine, which is actually a general term for several silicon minerals in which iron and magnesium are always present in varying degrees. Olivine is also known as known as "chrysolite" and "evening emerald" or peridot.

Chrysolite is light yellowish green olivine; evening emerald is a name given to olivine's darker gemstone variety, peridot, which is the birthstone of August. When iron is present predominately, the mineral is not as attractive heavier and darker than the higher magnesium varieties and rarely qualifies as a gemstone.

Olivine minerals have a high melting point and are the first minerals to form crystals in magma or lava containing high iron and magnesium content. In fact, olivine minerals make up most of the molten magma in the earth's mantle and are the most common rocks by volume on the planet, although on the surface and in the crust it is not nearly as common.

Thinly cut slices of these meteorites are extremely attractive with the polished steel gray of the iron and the embedded grains of gemmy green olivine. The effect produces the closest mineral equivalent to stained glass artwork. It is so common in the earth's crust that it is found in almost everywhere. Its beautiful golden luster has often been mistaken for gold nuggets, and it is frequently found in gold deposits. Like gold, pyrite carries the esoteric signature of the sun — a flattened round variety called a "Pyrite Sun" is popular with collectors.

Strangely, pyrite's structure is exactly the same as the lead sulfide ore galena. The only difference is that the single sulfur atom of galena is replaced by a pair of sulfur atoms in pyrite. In other words, in the evolution of the metals, the existence of iron has freed the lead archetype of its stubborn materiality and form.

Iron and steel are used in rituals, magical spells, talismans, and amulets to promote energy, strength, determination, will-power, assertivity, and aggressiveness. They are also used in fertility rites, new beginnings and undertakings, and for speed, power and courage. The wearing of iron ornaments such as the Nazi iron cross are thought to bring these same characteristics. The social implications of the use of iron are a little disturbing to think about. In classical mythology, the Age of Iron is the final and worst age of the world, marked by selfishness and degeneracy. The negative expression of iron is in the coldhearted struggle for material possessions in a world in which only the fittest or the richest survive.

From any objective assessment of modern civilization, that does seem to be the direction we are heading. If the predominance of the iron archetype in our culture continues, we can only expect a further rationalization of nature and mechanization of life. Some spiritual groups, such as the Druids, were aware of the dangers of the iron archetype and actually forbid its use in their culture. Alchemists too were aware of the hidden signatures of iron and the social implications of the Iron Age. This is the outermost Coagulation, and the threshold of the final completion — the transformation of the body into the Spirit-become-form.

Correspondences of Iron. Gemstone: Bloodstone, Hematite. Chakra: Manipura Solar Plexus. The Call of Iron. During the early Spring, preferably sometime in March, go outside and find the red planet Mars in the night sky. Relax and try to focus all your attention on the tiny red sphere. Continue gazing upon Mars and place a piece of iron in your hand or a small cast iron pot or other object but not something of made of steel or chromed. You should be able to feel a resonance building.

See how your feelings compare to how the alchemists felt about this powerful metal. The Iron Temperament. Mars and iron rule the aggressive impulses within us, both individually and collectively. Within us, our iron temperament governs the characteristics of anger, uncontrolled and aggressive self-assertion, lust for power, ego identity, will power, passion, creativity, and courage.

It is our challenge to transform the Mars within into the expression of divine qualities, rather than the selfish fulfillment of the senses. Mars reinforces the ego and individuality, strengthens will, and helps surpass previous limitations. The red planet governs the animal soul, passions, and the survival instinct.

In psychological terms, the iron temperament is the seat of our will to power, to control other, and our concerns about providing for material needs in the world. By transmuting iron, we learn to assert ourselves without dominating or submitting to others. We gain insight into our behavior and become aware of the forces of soul within. The iron temperament makes us determined and hard, but like the metal, the iron temperament is inflexible and brittle and cracks or breaks if bent.

Iron also loves air and the iron temperament seeks higher inspiration or fresh spirit. The paradox of iron is that it is only through iron can we marshal the energies necessary to transmute iron. That is born out in the signature of the most revered Arcanum, the ancient chemical of transformation Green Vitriol, which is a combination of natural iron and sulfuric acid.

It is the Vitriol within us that will transform us. Without it, all is lost to illusion and complacency. The alchemists transmuted the Iron temperament using the Air operation of Separation. Physically, Mars rules the blood, adrenal glands, genitals, and the immune system. Mars effects are stimulating and toning to the blood and immune system, and they make one more aware of the functions of the organs and body.

Their physical therapeutic properties are simulative, caustic, and tonic. Mars herbs are wonderful tonics when mixed with Sun herbs. The combination gives great physical energy, tones the muscles, and increases sexual potency. If the alchemist is involved in magical evocation, a mixture of a mars, moon, and mercurial elixirs will help produce the physical plane vehicle of manifestation.

Spagyrically, iron is associated with the life force in blood and the energy obtained from meat, as well as beets, dark green vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, apple-syrup, and sea-weed. Herbs containing much iron like the urtica, equisetum, kelp, and spirulina are thought to provide energy. The Mars archetype as iron rules the blood, adrenal glands, genitals, and the immune system. In the human body iron is found in the blood providing energy and clear thinking and the liver associated with positivity and will-power. In medical astrology, Mars is connected with the red blood-cells, the adrenal glands, the muscles, the male reproductive organs, fever and inflammation and other complaints of too much Fire.

The iron in blood makes it red and fuels metabolism. When we inhale, the iron molecule hemoglobin binds with oxygen and distributes it throughout our body; when we exhale, it unites with carbon dioxide and carries the by-products of our combustion back to our lungs where they are expelled. Thus, iron is intimately responsible for the process of breathing, which is how bodily energies are controlled in both Taoist and Tantric alchemy. Interesting how he keeps feeding it gold all the time. I wonder if it's ever fully satiated Have you read Recipes for Immortality by Richard Weiss.

Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury | Alchemy | Mercury (Element)

It talks in detail in about the Indian tradition. And you will walk away with the realisation their mercury and the mercury of the western guys are the same stuff. Unfortunately, as a result the entire Indian Alchemy system has been reduced to a joke among the locals. That is very interesting. Did you notice the part where he says if he puts equal weight gold to mercury ratio rather than the small shivling of gold, it would actually produce new gold rather than absorb it?

Did I hear that correctly? And of course its the same as the western alchemists mercury, I would say that the westerners alchemy is influenced by the eastern alchemy actually. I do not have the links now. Maybe this is the most stupid post of my life, but all the amalgams of Mercury are "solid" i. Making Mercury become solid is not unknown to chemists or even dentists! Making solid mercury is very easy.

The videos in this second page are very interesting!!! I could not see the images in the first page, the links expired. The secret of this technique is to not use metals in solidifying process but plant ashes and juices. But making a metal liquid and volatile at room temperature is also a great alchemical trick : It is not a chemical reaction to make mercury Hg solid, it is a transmutation.

For 'eating your gold', there are already banks and governments :. Question, A necklace made of solidified mercury is still toxic to the wearer even if its not in a liquid state correct? So how can the yogi drink the water that the mercury necklace is dipped in without poisoning himself?