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Same with teachers and many other professions. Most is proven with results. I have been in therapy and listened to my doctor just ask question after question and I thought to myself l…how is this helping me? With that said I believe even if we help one person reach their potential and our motivations come from good intentions then I believe that is a win.

We control who we are and what we do. Some would say that knowledge and those seminars are invaluable. A good friend of mine was one of those people and he said it changed his life. So I feel the question we must ask is, has he helped people? That answer is yes.

Thank you Ryan. Well said. I am a college educated female living 5 miles outside of Washington, DC. I have a relationship with a therapist and have been through sone trauma in my lifetime. I live a great normal life with a husband and family. I have many emotional tools in my belt.

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I am healthy, eat well and exercise regularly. My point in giving you this resume of sorts is for those reading this to understand that I am the furthest thing from a person seeking to join a cult. It was powerful, motivating, spiritual, helpful, mind blowing, fun, deep, empowering and everything else in between. I spent 4 days at 12 hours each getting constant information. I learned a lot and left a lot of emotional baggage there.

Wake up Ryan. Tony is in it for Tony and all the money he can make. HIs materials are available free of charge from any library. Some need the charge of a live seminar, some self study. There is a choice. I was a mastery mentor coach with Tony Robbins for 4 years. The average person cannot pay for his seminars, its called ambition that comes from OUR ego…. Totally agree. I tried watching this documentary on Netflix and had to turn it off well before it finished — Tony Robbins looks and sounds like a proper nutcase in this doc.

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If your experience with Tony Robbins is based primarily on this documentary, you really dont have much perspective with which to have on opinion on his effectiveness or his authenticity. There are plenty of people out there who do have first hand experience, maybe you should talk to them. Or maybe you should ask yourself what is causing this angry reaction within you. Kool-Aid, anyone? Just walk away. You seem to have more of a problem with people being happy because of him. Maybe TM would work for you? Wow, you seem like someone who works for him hiding under a fake name.

People NOT falling in line with the sway of group think is admirable, if not extremely helpful. But introspection is something that this society as a whole is severely lacking. I have no Idea why people tolerate this. If you tolerate this, then you tolerate TV evangelists, wrestling, mainstream media outlets, Palestinian genocide, flat earth and so on.

The documentary, was to say the least jaw droppingly disgusting and embarrassing. People being sheep register tall men as alpha males and blindly follow. Who the F is Tony Robbins!!??? But if you are an American idiot you either fall intio this or some kind of pyramid scheme or Scientology. Pick your poison because you have shits for brains. Robbins is brilliant in the sense that he offers a spectacle of a product and those that want it, will go, buy or watch.

To those that do go, buy or watch and have changed their lives for the better in ANY way for the better….. Tony is only brilliant in that he has found people to scam and give him money. Millions would disagree……. Wow, You bought into the lies. Good for you and keeping Tony in the money while the rest of us think for ourselves. I watched this Tony Robbins documentary as well,and I felt exactly what the author was feeling, most of all that this guy is an opportunistic con man.

He preys on weak-minded people to make himself insanely wealthy.

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He gives no real advice other than common sense, and for him to consider himself able or trained to counsel suicidal people is dangerous. Is Tony concerned where the woman is going to live after the seminar? Is he going to buy her some furniture? Seemed to me that all Tony cared about was getting his money. There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration, but find it from someone other than this greed monger. Thanks for educating the uneducated here. Robbins would absolutely have folks believe he created NLP.

Bandler and Grinder are great, but if you ever have insomnia, turn on their marathon talks on youtube. Tony took the filler out and gets right to it. Great article. I can definitely see your point, I tend to lean on the skeptical side as well. The emotional charge that Tony creates, whether it is achieved ethically or not, is undeniable, as long as those he helps believe in the transformation. It is the same way a charismatic preacher would rally up his church goers, who have an unshakable faith in the higher power. Arguably, if the results are real and people felt a real change down to their bones, then it may well be worth it.

In a way, that emotional charge, that hyped up commitment to self-healing and transformation is all that matters. Therapy is just another way to address issues human beings experience in life, and it can also cost a lot of money for ongoing sessions. Bottom line is….. Her article is like me writing an article on Cuba, without ever having been there, based on watching a documentary on Discovery…. The problem so many people will have is Tony removes the victim role mentality from the snowflake generation.

They will go back to their bottle of prozac and miserable lives and think Tony is a con man. I just did it, with that my self esteem and self worth rose tremendously. But sure, picking him apart and demonize him and continue in your alcoholic stupor, I am sure you will be famous someday. I agree with you point, James. People spend to much time and energy criticizing others to make themselves feel better, while loosing on the game. Objectively, there are certain practices in the personal development world that people like TR engage in, which are questionable or manipulative, but that is beyond the point.

It was interesting to see Mia point out Tony always came back to his story and that it is narcissism at play. I had to look the Mia up and the first video was a Ted Talks where she focuses on herself and her biggest mistake, surprisingly but not , she was drunk passed out and raped in a park at 16 years old.

She goes on to talk about many other assaults. This is a terrible thing, but one of those things of which she obviously takes no responsibility, kinda like walking into gangland Chicago and wondering why you were shot. So everyone read an article by a woman who takes no responsibility for actions that have created a narcissistic platform for her to heavily discount a man who clearly cares. Get Real Mia…. I watched the video on Netflix and liked it quite a lot.

Reflecting on it and reading your feedback I tend to realize that there are indeed many disturbing aspects in it one of the biggest being Robbins hugging the girl that escaped the horrible church cult.

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To me, you are right in almost everything you state. Great work from you! Kind regards from Berlin, Matthias. Either way, the point of these seminars is to get you out of your comfort zone and teach you strategies to overcome your worst fears. I can see why you reacted negatively to this part in the documentary. Just my two cents! In the long term it actually made things worse for me as we get tired of repeatedly and consistently failing. You feel revved up for a few days or weeks, then comes the inevitable crash.

I have spoken to mental health professionals and they all say the same: that they have to pick up the pieces after Robbins has left town. Keep your money and sanity. As a result I spent the rest of the seminar being laughed at and disrespected by men attending the course thanks to Robbins and his sexual harassment. Oh God, I was not prepared. So I try everything is suggested to me.

When the rape story came up, I lost it. I went full PTSD panic attack. Talking about your rape story, in public, in such a vulnerable way can push someone to suicide. They destroy them.

This is what happens when people place their cash and their faith in someone with no formal education or training in psychiatry. Most of the folks who go to these events would be better served with an actual counselor who operates under an ethical framework. Robbins clearly does not operate under any sort of ethical framework. Lord help you. So what is your point? When you want to debate like an adult and converse in something other than an uneducated word salad let us know.

Also, how about you go die in a fire? Save us all the time spent having to read your incoherent babble. I disagree. He just does not subscribe to the idea that the feelings around pain and trauma have to endlessly dictate your life. Everyone has the power to overcome destructive feelings..

Fun Facts about Dogs: Inspiring Tales, Amazing Feats, Helpful Hints

That just holds you back. Maybe you secretly wish all your problems went away and resent people that actually do something about it? I recently broke up with a woman who is a big time follower of TR. I always said no. I can see through this guy as if he were made of glass. She loved his infodoc its not even close to a documentary. I hated it and it stands for everything that is wrong with this guy. She is extremely wealthy which is mostly why I did not like dating her. The income disparity almost every time we spoke on the phone she somehow had to bring up money in some way shape or form and it got boring.

With her, everything has to be high class and expensive. I prefer to be low key. I am upper middle class. The constant bugging about attending a seminar and the constant money money money focus was what finally drove me over the edge. I knew I had to get away from her. I pity her and feel sad for her. Good of you to move on. You outlined how you were not compatible with her and she is paying to save herself. What harm would have come to you going to one event with her? Ask yourself honestly. I am curious as to your response. Here are my reasons why: 1.

If I had psychiatric or emotional issues I would go to a licensed therapist 2. My portfolio is doing just fine see 2 for why and is growing and I have some great resources and peers. Because TR is wealthy only because so many people do not know how to build wealth and or are lost and directionless, therefore he is wealthy because of this. He has no certifications in psychiatry or finance and most finance experts have shown his advice on investing to be completely off the charts wrong 6.

If you go to the hospital do you start saying you should not be making money from this if they make you good again? Seriously, she makes no attempt to find out why peak energy in a room matters. Tony Robbins literally created a new theory of the human mind. You sat in a room with him for 72 hours in a week your numbers, not mine , and he told you enough information to change your life forever, and all you put in your story is about how the positivity made you sick to your stomach.

Maybe YOU were the one with the problem? You feel like you could hop right into her photos and laugh right along. Check out: Pinnacles National Park Guide. Natalie is an engineer that works on self-driving technology in the SF Bay Area. Yet somehow she also has time to go on awesome adventures and document them with stunning photographs.

Anna is an alpine climber, trauma nurse, and all around badass. Go on an adventure! You might follow Nicole for her beautiful photos of great hikes, or you might follow her because of her awesome adventure dog, Bear. Either way, the hilarious connection between the two of them makes this one of our adventure Instagram accounts to follow. A California native, Grant worked as a climbing guide for many years before selling out and getting a "real" job. He was once told by a nun that he looks like Justin Timberlake—the jury's still out on that one. He co-founded Adventure Protocol with his three brothers to share his love of climbing and adventuring.

Instagram grantnsmith. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sierra Quitiquit sierra Quitiquit is a professional skier, an avid surfer, a model, and an activist—she does it all. And yes they have their own adventure Instagram accounts: allterrainpug 7. Alex Honnold alexhonnold How could we not include the most exciting climber in the world?

Check out: 6 Ways yoga improves your sex life 8.

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  • When they are not sailing, Rachel and Tyler capture incredible photos and videos of their various adventures around the world 9. Chris Brinlee Jr. Antonella Wilby aaaaaantonella Antonella is a National Geographic Explorer who specializes in underwater robotics. Asher Jay earthheiress Photographer, artist, storyteller, poet, traveler, writer, adventurer, and National Geographic Explorer.

    Jason Antin jasonantin Jason Antin wears many hats. Check out: 9 Easy morning stretches to do everyday Wasfia Nazreen wasfianazreenofficial Wasfia is a Bangladeshi mountaineer, activist, social worker, and writer. Andrew Pavlidis andrewpavlidis A travel and adventure photographer based out of Calgary, Canada, Andrew has worked with brands around the world.

    Jess Dales jess. She continues to travel the world to ski, fueled in part by her passionate work on the issue of global warming. At the time, both Szocs and Douglas were working with the Canadian Freestyle Team, practicing new moves with their crew on trampolines, water ramps, and in terrain parks. Szocs suggested the trick after a snowboarder friend showed it to him, and it was Douglas who finally stuck it off a windlip at Blackcomb. The former Canadian National Team mogul skier conceptualized the original Teneighty ski for longtime sponsor Salomon, then led the New Canadian Air Force on a park and pipe rampage that changed the sport forever.

    Whether coaching or competing or appearing in the best annual ski movies, both are stretching their clout into a second decade of influence. You could feel the energy level in a room rise whenever his image came onscreen, usually to a rocking soundtrack as Morrison launched a Lincoln Loop or some unimaginably monstrous backflip off a giant cliff. It was good entertainment, and, for Morrison, helped take the bite out of his well-documented disappointment of three straight second-place finishes in the Crested Butte extremes—to Kreitler, McConkey, and Dave Swanwick. Then came the heli crash in the Andes, the move to Jackson Hole, and a few questionable decisions.

    But Morrison, as always, landed on his feet. He remains an iconic symbol of style in the mountains and continues to influence many a wild-eyed ski bum. Most of the tricks that the NCAF is credited with developing looks like this: Vinnie was the first to do it fakie, Auclair was the first to do it with style, and Cusson was the first to do it, period.

    Freeskiing Open , it was J. But it was the following winter, when Candide returned to this monster in Grizzly Gulch, that the rest of the world really took notice. It was the first time such a technical move had been performed over such a huge gap, and the accolades came from the ski industry and beyond.

    Using film to prove that he could perform the trick while keeping his ankles below his head—therefore not technically being inverted—Moseley convinced F. The judges failed to reward him—he finished 4th—but eventually the sport caught up. By , F. But mostly, McLean is a skier. And from Denali to the Patagonian Icecap, from the Wasatch to Tibet, nobody has influenced backcountry skiers in the past decade more than he has. Expeditions these days for the year-old McLean often involve the use of kites, allowing him to cover snowy miles in minutes rather than days.

    In and , Eliassen edged out Burke for the gold, but had it not been for years of lobbying, campaigning and, above all, innovative skiing on the part of Burke, Eliassen would not have had a contest to win. Before there were girls skiing in the park, there was Sarah Burke. In he process, she inspired a whole generation of girls to pick up twin tips, and convince the men in charge that the ladies deserve to compete as well.

    Editors Note: Sarah passed away in following injuries she sustained during a crash in a halfpipe at Park City Mountain Resort. The home-schooling, the no electricity or running water, the rebel attitude, the reckless style. First, it was Bode who believed in the promise of shaped skis long before other racers would touch them. He may not have brought home any medals from Italy, but was his year, becoming only the second skier in history to win at least one World Cup race in each of the four disciplines—Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, and downhill—and bringing the overall World Cup title back to the U.

    Just this: even when he seems fresh out of surprises, he finds a way to re-inspire a legion of fanatical followers. McConkey has a knack for marshalling insouciance and irreverence in a way that makes us all believers. He adamantly swore by fat skis before anyone, and we believed him. He launched the IFSA to regulate big-mountain comps and skiing, insisting it was the future, and we believed him. Perennially hucking and ripping his way through films led to suggestions that he was the most prolific and innovative freeskier ever; we believed it, honoring him with award after award.

    Until the duck turned out to conceal a remote-controlled fart machine. It may seem paradoxical, but we believe in the 37 year-old racer-turned-bumper-turned-freeskier cum inspiration because his feats and accomplishments are, in the end, so truly unbelievable.