Red Moon Rising

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Thank you. With a vamp for a mom and a wulf for a pop [yep these wolves are wulves], Danny has always felt somewhere in between.

Red Moon Rising —

At a young age he went through genetic therapy to get rid of his wulf tendencies. And while his light blue eyes and "blood lust" claim him as a vamp, his dark brown hai I got this review copy from the peeps over at Disney Hyperion. And while his light blue eyes and "blood lust" claim him as a vamp, his dark brown hair and strength are clear signs that his wulf side is still strong [insert Star Wars joke].

Having turned his back on his Dad, and wulves in general, Danny has tried to be all the vamp he can be. But when he starts noticing pains in his teeth, hair on his arms, and that SynHeme, a commercial synthetic blood beverage [nom nom nom], is making him queasy, Danny quickly realizes that maybe his inner wulf wants to come out and play.

In a socitey where wulves are repressed and viewed as unclean animals being a wulf is for the dogs [pun intended]. Danny begins to struggle with who he truly is and how he will fit into this world. Peter Moore does so in Red Moon Rising.

Red Moon Rising

He combines his quirky, fast paced writing style which flows easily from the pages with a deeper message. It's nothing new nor is it Earth shattering, but I think that's why I like it. It's simple. To the point. Something we all need to remember: Oppression of a group of people based on social prejudiced is grossly unacceptable. Furthermore, we can not judge a people as a whole by the actions of a few.

While the main plot thread of Red Moon Rising is about Danny dealing with his seemingly inevitable change into a wulf, there is a deeper message and a bigger story that is churning under the surface of this tale. And that, my friends, is what sold me hook, line, and sinker. The potential with this story, what could become of Danny, what will happen in his world, what role he will plan in the "bigger picture," and so on, have really got me excited about this story. The first being the scope of the world, which was almost to grand for the length of this novel. I felt a little jarred at times, while trying to keep up with the lingo of the book.

The dictionary in the back did help, but in some ways it made it more difficult to get into a reading groovy. I almost wish there had been a little set up from Danny about the world he lived in, instead of just pushing us [the readers] into the story without much to hold onto. Also, I felt some of the story lines were either rushed or just didn't need to be there.

Red moon rising

For example, I would have traded the whole love story with Juliet for more info on Huey Seele. Or that another pages should have been added to this novel. This was a simple case of: cutie has a lot of questions and needs to have them answered. I really like Danny. I am beyond impressed that Mr. Moore decided to make this story not about Danny's issues with his family who pulled together in the end to help their loved one Fancy THAT! A young adult novel breaking away from the family drama norm and creating a solid loving family support system! Oh yeah, I really liked this book.

View all 18 comments. Jan 29, Melissa i swim for oceans rated it really liked it Shelves: own-arcs. Red Moon Rising is the story of Danny Dante , a teenage boy living in a world divided into three very distinct and separate classes. There are the vampires — elite, rich and powerful, there are the humans — desperate to be everything the vampires are, and at the bottom of the pack are the wulfs.

Danny, unfortunately, is part wulf. To to Red Moon Rising is the story of Danny Dante , a teenage boy living in a world divided into three very distinct and separate classes. To top it all off, Danny has to deal with conflicting emotions towards his biological father, qualms with his mom and stepfather, and the snotty kids at school. Author, Peter Moore, took your traditional paranormal tale, turned it upside-down, threw in a snarky MC and added an actual undercurrent of morals throughout the story — an intriguing and infectious combination.

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Society has class divisions, certain species are considered subhuman, and frankly, this adds a deeper note to what could have very well been a shallow tale. I think the main highlight of the story was the developing relationship between Danny and his father though, and the internal battle for acceptance that Danny consistently dealt with.

Overall though, Red Moon Rising was a great paranormal read, and it definitely exceeded all my expectations. I received this ARC free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book. View 1 comment. Jan 22, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: read-in As the beginning explains, there is not only one homo species, but rather three. Therefore, these paranormal creatures are not made.. But not all is peaceful between these species. And in Dante's society, vampires rein supreme.

They are the rich and powerful. While werewolves are completely looked down upon. They are the poor, the laborers, the replaceables. And our main character is caught inbetween both worlds. The concept of Red Moon Rising completely caught me by surprise. It is really creative and unique for a paranormal novel. And while I really loved this concept, wish I had known a lot more about Dante's world. Who decided that vampires are the "better" species?

How do humans fit into the picture as a whole? There were so many questions left unanswered. What bothered me the most was that for most of this novel, I was not sure of what the main conflict of the novel was. Was it the possibility of having to suffer through the Change? I just did not know what the novel was building up to. And the ending It answered practically nothing.

His funny, awkward personality kept me glued to the novel's pages. And while I was completely disappointed by the ending, there is plenty of evidence that we may not have seen the last of Dante. Which I really hope is the case because I need some resolution to all these questions that I have. Mar 29, Cristy rated it it was amazing Shelves: vamps , humorous , series , werewolves.

Moore clearly has a gift for dialogue, as it is on the money hilarious and quick witted. The characters are all well fleshed out and vividly written, making it easy to become invested in them. While the idea of vampires living out in the open, surviving on synthetic blood it not a new one see TRUE BLOOD ; the surprisingly original concept of speciesism is definitely intriguing. Fortunately for him he underwent special genetic treatments as an infant to allow the vamp DNA to dominate and forcing the wulf genes dormant.

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Unfortunately for Danny, he had a reaction to the treatments and was unable to complete them. And although his need for blood and intense blue eyes are trade mark vampire, his stocky build, darker hair and skin are obvious giveaways that he is not a pureblood, making his life in an elite mostly vampire high school, far from a picnic. May 19, Heidi rated it really liked it Shelves: read , ya. I had high hopes that this book would balance out the overabundance of teen paranormal books with female protagonists.

Danny is half-vamp, half-wulf in a town where wulfs are not at all welcome but since he is believed to be half-vamp, half-human, he fits in well. He joins the rest of the teen vamps who attend school at night, staying out of the sun during the day. The treatments Danny had as a child to keep his wulf features hidden and to stop the change from happening appear not to have worked I had high hopes that this book would balance out the overabundance of teen paranormal books with female protagonists.

The treatments Danny had as a child to keep his wulf features hidden and to stop the change from happening appear not to have worked which brings Danny closer to his wulf father. There is a sweet romance that does not thankfully overpower the rest of the story, there is family tension and there is danger.

The main detractor was the overuse of pop culture names spelling a bit differently—David Bo. That put me off quite a bit, but my teen readers might not even notice. The paperback edition will be released August 7th and the cover illustration is quite different from the hardcover edition.

I like both versions—the hardcover shows more of a nod to the masculine point of view while the paperback illustration points to possible paranormal romance with the boy and girl standing in sunlight, with the boy casting a shadow shaped like a wolf. My students will love this book. Thanks to Puget Sound Council for this review copy. Jan 12, Ms. Yingling rated it liked it. Dante Gray or Danny , is in a difficult position. His mother and step-father are vampires, but his father is a werewolf. While the genetic treatments on his sister have removed all of the werewolf characteristics from her, they weren't successful for him, and he becomes more and more wolflike every day.

This is a problem because werewolves are second class citizens, and must register with law enforcement and be sent to compounds during the full moon. Danny doesn't really want to face this, espe Dante Gray or Danny , is in a difficult position. Danny doesn't really want to face this, especially since he is in a relationship with Juliet, who is human, but being bullied by a vampire and struggling with the pain that the upcoming changes bring to his body are making everything difficult. Luckily, his family is supportive and tries to come up with a way to keep him safe from the authorities and himself.

Strengths: This was a great book combining werewolf and vampire lore. It's a little likeVladimir Todd, with the description of SynHeme and eating habits, but kicks it up a notch with the werewolf information. This will be very popular in my library. Weaknesses: Personal pet peeves here: the book uses the spelling "wulf", which grated on my nerves, and also used misspellings of famous actresses and products.

David Bo. Wulfghang Packe? Students won't mind, but each usage made me cringe. May 26, Miyong rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult , adventure , paranormal , school-life , reviewed , 6-disappointing , owned , urban-fantasy , guys-with-blue-eyes , guys-sporting-brown-hair. It's probably my own fault. I was expecting more than this book's plot suggested. So there you have it. I suppose it's not the worse, but really, the plot's too In turn, the solution to the problem also seemed simple.

The characters were rather meh. I couldn't get to just even be fond of someone--most of the time, everyone's just plain annoying. I didn't even get the point of him being a complete loser and jerk in the beginning. Surely It's probably my own fault. Surely, if him being a specist was highlighted from the beginning, I would've understood the danger Danny was in and why Gunther was so bent on annoying the heck out of Danny and his life. The romance part?

I didn't enjoy reading it, especially the sexy scenes and convos about that. Unfortunately, I also didn't share Danny's huge appreciation and admiration of Juliet. She's mostly flat. Just like Danny. I'm no writer, but this one's just I suppose it's not really worhtless , but I'd suggest reading when you can't find a much more exciting book to read. It didn't really hold my interest much; it just so happened I was determined to finish it quickly. Mar 24, Huda Sarkowi rated it liked it Shelves: teen-angst , paranormal. Red Moon Rising is probably something that I won't recommend to someone who wants to read a book similar to Twilight.

But it is a fresh change from the typical Mr-Perfect-Invincible-Vampire. For once the vampyres in this book actually bleed, they are not portrayed as a sensuous non breeding species, but as everyday people but with the exception of blood-drinking. So Danny was a regular teen, constantly bickering with his perfect older sister, a gay best friend, he scored himself a human girl fri Red Moon Rising is probably something that I won't recommend to someone who wants to read a book similar to Twilight.

So Danny was a regular teen, constantly bickering with his perfect older sister, a gay best friend, he scored himself a human girl friend, perfectly regular. Only that he's changing into a werewulf like his biological father. Werewulves were not second-class citizens; they had no place at all in the society. What worst? A specist vampyre named Gunther was suspicious that he is a werewulf posing as a vampyre.

Not much fighting scene in this book, quite a shame for a paranormal book intended for boys. But Danny's dilemma is so normal that it seems so amusing that this art is imitating real life. Enjoyable read. Not really. Jan 29, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: new-years-challenge , challenge-books , new-to-me-authors , january , rlftciin , read-in I liked this story, but it wasn't great by any means. I thought Danny was a good MC, but I didn't like the way the story was told.

I wasn't sure what the main conflict was and the ending was just okay. Not a book I recommend, unless it fit what someone was looking for exactly. Apr 28, Shelby rated it really liked it. Had a chance to read an advance copy and loved it! Nov 08, David rated it it was amazing.

Interesting new spin on an old tale. A couple of things left in the air, so really hoping there is going to be more. Jun 07, Sarah Ramirez rated it liked it. Danny is the protagonist, and he is a half vampire and half wolf. This society is unfair because vampires are treated better than wolves. Danny and his sister received genetic treatments so they can look like vampires and would not need to go through the monthly changes. After awhile, he went to the dentist and found something really weird. Then he went to talk to his father he is also a wolf to ask questions about those weird symptoms he has been having.

In school, there is a kid called Gunther and he is the antagonist. Any time Danny can find out if his life is ruined. I enjoyed the book because it feels pretty realistic when it comes to teens problems but also it is fiction, so it is pretty interesting and I could distract myself a little by reading this book and getting into the story. If you like fictional books but also teen drama, you will enjoy this book.

Dec 12, Saif Bawany rated it did not like it. Well, this was a waste of time. The book only got interesting towards the end, but I guess that's too late for me. Thereafter, I found out that there's no sequel in the works. This makes me doubtful as to whether it made sense to add those cliffhangers. One last thing. Claire was Well, this was a waste of time. Claire was amazing throughout. The rest of it, meh. Jan 21, Sadie rated it liked it. This book is unlike so many that I have read before.

It had a really unsatisfying ending. I was hoping we would see more of what happened after his first change rather than leaving us with more questions than we started. Aug 09, Taylor rated it liked it. Also known as an Omega moon because of its shape, the optical effect and blood-red colour is caused by differences in air temperature near the earth's surface. Mirages such as this are possible when there is a layer of relatively warm air at the ocean surface with colder air above it, with a rapid drop in temperature the higher you go above the surface.

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