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Back in , the internet was just for those in the know. But through the lens of art, technology tells a completely different story. Also on view is Imagination Dead Imagine, a video installation by Judith Barry where the human form is wrapped around a cube of video screens.

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To break down this gargantuan group show, the exhibition is divided into five sections. Among them are Hybrid Bodies, which looks at how perceptions around the human form have changed since the internet, as well as States of Surveillance, which attempts to decode how a whole resistance movement was born out of WikiLeaks. The surveillance section of the show includes artworks by Chinese artist and hacker Aaajiao, who shows a piece called The Great Firewall of China, where he prints out a list of websites banned in China.

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There are pioneering works by Ryan Trecartin, who trail-blazed a fast-paced style of video art in the early s, in a time long before Instagram and Snapchat. Every day you read and filter more and more information. Essentially, approach your daily consumption of content as a researcher would — with awareness and strategy.

Diversify your mind. Do you always read the most popular articles or the ones with the most comments? Many sites have popularized this concept, and while helpful if you are short on time, mostly it creates an echo chamber of the same opinions.

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  4. Make a concerted effort to broaden your horizons. If you attend the same conference every year, try a different one. Bonus points if the conference is for a different industry.

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    The best ideas come from crosspollination where you apply lessons from one industry to another unrelated one. Technology allows us immense access and so much information that it can be tempting to just read the executive summary or to glance over an article. However, innovative thinking requires a certain level of mastery, and mastery is found by going deeper than superficial skimming.

    It could be a particular line in a paragraph which triggers your new idea rather than the gist of the piece. Why do you use Twitter? Or Instagram?

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    Organizations are influenced by their environments, and conversely have an effect on the environments in which they function through new or refined products, services processes, or structures that are offered through their innovation or transformation efforts. Suggesting that there is a duality existing between the people working within the organization and the broader organizational system of which they are a part, which can be described as a cognitive system. This in turn, influences how leaders think, act and make decisions.

    Creativity must be championed in the face of the digital revolution

    People talent and customers now want more of a voice in how they are treated and how they are incorporated into the organization as a whole. This requires the development of a new set of capabilities, to shift the cognitive system, re-scaffold the cognitive architecture and a cognitive style that embraces;. There is a symbiotic relationship between leaders and the organizational system of which leaders are a part; leaders shape their organizational culture and it in turn, shapes how leaders focus their attention, their operating mindsets, behaviours, how they solve problems and make decisions.

    Especially in their willingness to adapt, grow, learn and innovate when for producing value for the customer and drive success within their ever-expanding areas of influence and responsibility. This is illustrated in Figure 1.

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    Which of course, shapes the organizational culture both positively and negatively in terms of its ability to achieve intelligent actions to change, adapt, transform to achieve its strategic and revenue growth goals. What is crucial to success is for the organization to develop the ability and the capacity to shift and target what is needed in each organizational context, to adapt and grow and deliver organizational strategic objectives. For our client to achieve its strategic intent and growth objectives, at a high level, it needed to cultivate stronger;.