Luck, Logic and White Lies. Mathematics of Games

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Jörg Bewersdorff: Games and mathematics. Galois theory

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Out of stock. Palo Alto: Creative Publications, Murray, H. A History of Chess. Northampton, MA: Benjamin Press, Reprint of ed. Nowakowski, Richard J.

More Games of No Chance. Parlett, David.

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The Oxford History of Board Games. Polizzi, Rick; Schaefer, Fred. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, Pritchard, David. Encyclopedia of Chess Variants. Russ, Laurence. Scarpone, Desi. Board Games. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Pub. Schiffer Book for Collectors Table of contents. More Board Games. Schiffer Book for Collectors. Shenk, David. New York: Doubleday, Voogt, Alexander J. Gameboards of North America.

New York: E. Dutton in association with Museum of American Folk Art, Whitehill, Bruce. Wilkins, John.

The mathematical and philosophical works of the Right Rev. London: Vernor and Hood, Volume 1. Volume 2. The discovery of a new world; or, A discourse tending to prove, that it is probable there may be another habitable world in the moon. With a discourse of the possibility of a passage thither.

ISBN 13: 9781568812106

That it is probable our earth is one of the planets. Mercury: or The secret and swift messenger. Shewing how a man may with privacy and speed communicate his thoughts to a friend at any distance. Mathematical magic: or, The wonders that may be performed by mechanical geometry.

Jörg Bewersdorff

An abstract of his essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language. Dyck, Maarten Van;. Vermeir, Koen. Varieties of Wonder. Preprint of article to be published in Historia Mathematica , Zaslavsky, Claudia. New York: Crowell, Traces the history and development of the three-in-a-row game for two players, popular all over the world, that is similar to games played in ancient Egypt.

Note: This bibliography supplements the books contained in my collection. The goal here is to document English-language books on board, specialty card, and other games of preferred types.

Real-World Probability Books: Game Theory

Physical games and sports are excluded. Mathematical game theory is excluded unless applied to recreational games. Party and trivia games are excluded. Word games and puzzles are generally excluded. Most puzzle books are excluded, unless they pertain to some specific puzzles of interest or fall into the category of logical puzzles or mathematical recreations by important authors. I must expand the list of recreational mathematics books by Martin Gardner. Computer games are generally excluded unless they are based on board games or replicate the intellectual properties of board games and puzzles of interest.

Simulation games and arcade games are generally excluded.

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Board and card games with an extensive literature in English are generally excluded: examples are modern international chess, checkers, backgammon, go, bridge, and poker. Exceptions to these rules of thumb are made for books of distinctive interest or books on various game playing communities. Algorithmic Puzzles: Selected Bibliography. Games in Esperanto-Land by Ralph Dumain.