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Invest in whole-home surge protection. Protect specific electronic devices that are at-risk and sensitive. There are three options to protect specific electronics: Power strips Surge stations for phone lines and cable lines A UPS, or uninterruptible power station, which creates a stable supply of electricity and has a battery in case the power goes out. Be aware that the battery might not last too long.

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Be sure the electricity has somewhere to go. Be smart about where you plug.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. NOAH: Storm surge warning in 23 areas. As they absorb surges , they gradually wear out and will need to be replaced. Protect your expensive electronic devices. Things to pay attention to in case of power cuts and power surges.

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Damage caused by lightning tends to be catastrophic and localized, while damage caused by artificially generated surges is less severe and more widespread. Lightning vs.

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  4. It was in the mids when Harford, developing integrated circuits for televisions at RCA Corp, began his quest for total surge suppression after developing a DAQ system that would be used in sensitive equipment and needed, as he puts it, a really good surge suppression unit.